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I think oral hygiene is important I thought I would share our family stories. We always brush our teeth. We even have a song that we sing while brushing. The names for our teeth are baby bears and if you do not brush your baby bears then you will be in big trouble with mama bear.

I am one of the unlucky people who has a chipped tooth. It happened a long time ago in fact. I was in an accident and as a result my front tooth was cracked. I have had it fixed several times but it never stayed. That was until my dentist fixed it and my life hasn’t been the same since. I know that I smile more because my teeth look nice. I am not afraid to talk to people because my teeth look good and my breath smells minty and fresh because I use Scope.

Mr. Madame Deals  is obsessed with his smile. I am glad since it one of the first things I noticed about him. We did have a disagreement once over his use of mouthwash. He thinks just because I coupon shop and can place bottles in my little stock pile that doesn’t mean that he needs to take several at one time. This is about breathe freshness not setting up a bowling lane of mouth wash.

There is actually a funny store about my scope usage. I have three children and my middle one wanted to use scope. I told her “NO! It isn’t for kids it contains alcohol and it is so mommy has fresh breathe. “I didn’t realize the only thing from that story that my daughter would remember is “my mother drinks alcohol after she brushes her teeth.”

My son is an avid toothbrusher. In fact he has a toothbrush in every bathroom in case he needs to “brush quickly.” I caught him the other day on the potty brushing his teeth. He said “I have two minutes I might as well make use of them.” The moment was even funnier because my daughter had the timer  to insure proper teeth brushing time.
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1) Share a funny story related to oral care of lack there of:


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  1. says

    My 5 year old daughter just recently lost her first tooth!! she was so excited, and for her 1st tooth loss the “toothfairy”, left her a whopping $20. WOW!! She was so excited! She asked her dad and I what did we get when we lost our first tooth, jokingly we said nothing, or a penny!! 🙂 She ever so seriously said, “well maybe you didnt get anything because you didnt brush your teeth and the tooth fairy didnt want your stinky teeth!” LOL 🙂 hahahaha 🙂

  2. says

    It wasn’t funny at the time, but I discovered one of my girls brushing her teeth with her finger. It turns out she had been doing that for a week as she left her tooth brush in the camper and didn’t want to get it. It was parked in the driveway. Yuk!

  3. says

    Want to hear a funny story?

    🙁 It’s actually not funny.. it’s pretty horrible. I JUST WENT TO THE DENTIST AND I HAVE ANOTHER CAVITY. I’m a student and I don’t know how I’m going to afford this..

    BUT! FUNNY STORY: This prize package can help me because my dentist said that I need to get mouthwash/flouride.

    So I would love to win this and help take better care of my teeth so I don’t have to pay for getting filling with the money I don’t have, haha.

  4. tracy stuhler says

    A funny story I can tell you is of my very own husband. He was one of those kids who was at the dentist constantly for his teeth problems. He even had braces at one point, but his mom always made sure his teeth were taken care of. However, as he got older he thought he was to cool to wear his retainer and his teeth eventually went crooked again. Thats not the worst part. He hates the dentist til this day because he was there so often as a child. So as an adult he never goes and a few months ago, one of his teeth the was rotting on the back of his mouth and should have been pulled decided to become absessed. When he woke up that morning his face was so swollen i barely recognized him!! It was funny to me, but obviously not to him. He ended up having to get it pulled immediately. Now he makes sure he does his best to take care of those teeth-lol!

  5. says

    A couple years ago, when Listerine first came out with the Smart Rinse for kids, I bought a bottle for my older 2 kids to use (now 9 and 11). 2 or 3 days later they came and told me they needed more mouth wash…..They had used it all, playing with it, because when they spit it out, it showed what they missed. They weren’t even using it after brushing, they were going in and using it after eating to see what kind of results they would get!

  6. joanna hacker says

    nutin really funny about it but i did get a chuckle this week wen my 7 yr old n i lost a tooth on the same day! i did tell her this is wat happens wen u eat lots of sugar n dont take proper care of your teeth

  7. Lori L. says

    When my son was a toddler and we got rid of his pacifier, he became very attached to his toddler toothbrush. We found that if we kept a toothbrush cover on it and took it with us in the diaper bag, we could give it to him and he would sit very quietly in church or whenever we were waiting in the doctor’s office, etc. while he “brushed his teeth” which was probably more of a sucking/chewing on the toothbrush, but it worked. 🙂 I even remember his first haircut when we gave him his toothbrush so he could sit still.

  8. Deb Anderson says

    I wish I could think of a funny story, but even if I could it wouldn’t top your Scope/alcohol story. 🙂 Nice giveaway!

  9. Jenny says

    My son thinks that he doesn’t have to brush his teeth on weekends because he doesn’t have school. I’d hate to learn what summer break means!

  10. Jillian Smith says

    A funny story related to oral care or lack there of is with work. I work in a mental health agency and the one day we did a hygiene unit and we went out and bought the Agent Blue mouth wash and all the clients had full blue mouths. It was gross. I think we had them brush their teeth at least 3 times to get them clean. They became obsessed with keeping their teeth clean each time they came to group.

  11. Rae Henderson says

    LOL that’s funny!
    The only story I have is my son getting things caught in his braces.

  12. says

    I don’t really have a funny store about oral hygiene. But your story about the alcohol is hilarious!

    The funniest thing I can think of is my son refusing to open his mouth at the dentist. He’s been with me the last two times I’ve been to the dentist. The dentist wants to get him used to being there and not make it traumatic for him. So after I get my teeth cleaned, we let Gavin get up in the chair. And he sits there with his mouth shut tight and the most determined look on his face like not even the jaws of life could open his mouth. So…the dentist has YET to see his teeth. Here’s hoping the third time is a charm!

    But he does love to brush his teeth, so at least I know they are staying clean even if the dentist hasn’t seen them yet!

  13. Ingrid says

    I think the funniest story I can remember is when my young one thought that he could brush his teeth with toothpicks and that it would do the same as a real toothbrush with toothpaste. LOL

  14. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

    My 15 yr old son thinks that he can just use mouth wash without brushing with toothpaste for the at least 2 out of 3 times of the day you should be brushing. So we go round and round. LOL

  15. elizabeth anerson says

    how about describing my niece as a SHARK, she had not lost any teeth after her 7 th birthday, which is late to loose your first one, and her teeth on the bottom had already started coming in!! Good brushing kept them in?? dont know, but when she FINALLY lost the first one, we were in my tent in the backyard, and couldnt find it, she had to leave a note for the toothfairy under the pillow where she usually sleeps when she stays over, (cause the tooth fairy cant come in my tent ;))) we found it the next morning, she had managed to flip it over to the oppposite side of the tent from where it came out.
    she isnt the best about brushing her teeth, so for christmas last year, she got a powered toothbrush, with extra heads, so she is more likely to brush, tempted to start her on mouthwash but she doesnt like to spit, so that might not happpen for a few years!!

  16. Christine Arfsten says

    My story is one of the only lady in this house whom is the dental police. We are married with three boys, 15, 3, and 1. Seems I am always lovingly hollering at the 15 y/o to brush his teeth. How he has not had a cavity never ceases to amaze me. My little fellas are avid brushers and always run off with their toothbrushes. We have three bathrooms, and 15 toothbrushes. One for each person in every bathroom. Think I go a tad overboard, but it helps to brush in a pinch, if you can find your toothbrush and/or have just eaten chips and homemade salsa. We love the Crest line and use it all over our home.

  17. Melody says

    My two year old daughter is determined to brush her teeth at every opportunity. If she doesn’t have toothbrush in hand, she uses a comb, toy, or anything else that is long like a toothbrush 🙂

  18. Alice says

    Actually it’s not funny at all since I don’t have a funny story– only sad stories about my teeth– my old root canal needs to be replaced. Apparently they didn’t get it right the first time 5 years ago.

  19. Jennifer Anderson says

    Don’t have a funny story really but my almost 12 year old who has been brushing his teeth or has had them brushed for him for the past almost 12 years tells me one day that he didn’t know he was supposed to brush his teeth before his game on game day. He plays football and his games are on Saturdays. I was dumbfounded because I couldn’t comprehend why after all these years and he has been playing for about 3 years now that why all of a sudden did he think he didn’t have to brush his teeth before a game! LOL

  20. says

    One day when my son was 3 I went to check on him because he was being too quiet in his room. (that’s usually when you find them doing something they’re not supposed to – right) He was sitting across from “Bunny” (his favorite stuffed animal) at his Lil Tikes table with his arms folded and scowling. I asked what was wrong and he said “I’m stressed out because Bunny refuses to brush his teeth!” The stuffed animal had toothpaste smeared all over it’s face!! He told me Bunny would not open his mouth. I thought it was so cute!! I don’t know where he would have heard the saying about being stressed out!! 🙂

  21. Amanda Alvarado says

    Not too funny but dd had a cavity about a year ago (she is almost 4). We saw this black spot on her tooth that wouldn’t come off (and she brushes every day too and hardly eats candy so we’re not sure how she got it!). Anyway we took her in to have the cavity filled and they gave her some kind of liquid that completely relaxed her – it was almost like she was drunk. Poor thing couldn’t even sit up straight let alone walk. When we were leaving, there was one of those play tables with the beads that you can move around on wires and she wanted to play. Daddy sat her there and was holding her and she was trying to play. I finished with the receptionist and it was time to go. Well she didn’t want to go and she threw a fit like we had never seen. She started hitting dh with a closed fist on his face and head! Just went berserk! We both agreed she is forbidden forever from drinking alcohol! 🙂

  22. Cathi Foster says

    I remember when my son had to get a little filling when he was like 5. The dentist was awesome and told him that the chair he was in was a motorcycle and that he had to drive it. It was so funny watching my son drive that chair..the cutest thing ever!!

  23. says

    My daughter is 2-1/2 years old and for some reason she loves to brush her “teeth” but its her tongue, I try to tell her lil bit brush your teeth and I show her and her response ” momma Im brushing me teeth, your being mean” lol its priceless and Im sure whe will get it one day and hopefully soon!