Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

pay it forward


I decided two things the first thing is it is important to thank the people in our lives for being who they are. The other thing we need to do more of is just “make someone’s day” just because we can. I thought I would share a little bit of my life with you. This is me trying to work.

This is normally what my life looks like and I wouldn’t traded it for the world. In this little place on the web I have the ability to help a lot of people. This site has given me the opportunity to make money from home by actually making money blogging. It has given me the opportunity to start a technology program at my children’s school. It has also helped me to help other realizes their dreams. Have you seen the Madame Deals Team? Yes, there is a team and awesome one in fact I like to think the best there is. We all have one thing in common we enjoy helping others. I created the $100 story and we are adding chapters each week by helping others give to someone they admire or respect or just plain think they rock.

We are offering you the opportunity to nominate someone for a note and one of the best cookies I have ever eaten. Cheryl’s cookies.I know one cookie isn’t much but what if the one cookie sent from you just makes that person’s day? How about if it makes their week? How about if it causes them to do something nice for someone else? You could create a whole chain of kindness? Then it wouldn’t be just a cookie it would  be the start of something great. You can send your own cookie for just $5 from Cheryl’s cookie.


This week the event is for our facebook fans….

1) Follow us on facebook  <— click there

2) Find the madame deals pay it forward lady and leave a comment below that. You will leave the name and maybe a little blurb about the person who deserves a cookie and a card for being awesome! Again comment should be on FACEBOOK.

3) Enter as many times as you want with a different person’s name each time.

4) Pay it forward and doing something nice for someone else… acknowledging someone who is awesome counts!


PS: You could make them a homemade beauty items we have tons…. or how about this cool thank you for being you idea a water bottle craft 


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