Pay It Forward


  I quit teaching because I never made any money. I always took my pay check and I bought things for my students. I am kidding but it was because I had children. I will always be a teacher at heart. I am lucky enough to have built this site which supports paying it forward. I chose to answer a request on my son’s teacher’s wish list. I am sure she never expected to have it answered. The reason is simple she had this great series of lessons but the students wouldn’t be able to see them on a computer screen. I did what I always do. I found a deal this TV was a true steal. I rounded up some friends who each paid $50 for ads then I went into my superpoints account and cashed out the rest. I love Superpoints it allows me to make money and pay it forward. You can sign up for SuperPoints and earn a little bit for free. Well this is another chapter in my Madame Deals $100 story it only takes creativity and time to make a difference.

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