Pay it Forward week #3

This year I made a resolution to help others. I was a teacher before I had children. The one thing that I missed most staying at home was inspiring others to create change in themselves and in others. I thought I reach 50k people daily. I could focus my energy in a different way. I could use my platform and not only provide great deal match ups and store coupon match ups but provide a place where we could help others.

The thought is simple and helping others is even easier. My goal is to have 1,000 people a week doing a good deed at least once a week. I believe if you want others to do something you need to lead by example. I am going to do a good deed each Friday. I try to do one each day but I will make sure I do one on Friday.

Week #1 I gathered all my shoes and the shoes of my family to donate for the homeless. I forgot to look through our summer shoes so I will make another donation.

Week #2 I dropped envelopes with a note and $10 each on two different car windows. I hope they made someone’s day.
Week #3 I am going to donate books to those that do not have them to read. I want to put them in the hands of people who thirst for knowledge. I am even willing to send them to another state. I will also drop my weekly envelop. If you want to send books to the place I am sending mine please contact one of my fans Brooke.

[email protected] or my facebook page  All donations are being accepted for children’s books up to teenage and even adult for a large Amish school and community.

They have virtually nothing in terms of books or reading materials that haven’t been read to tatters and all extra funds the community has goes to support others within the community that have been injured or out of work so books are a luxury for them.  I sincerely appreciate any help you can give and any donations that the community doesn’t accept or content purposes will be donated to another much needed purpose. Thank you!

ADD what you did so I can put it into our $100 Story by clicking this link

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    I volunteer every other Wednesday at a food and clothing pantry but I love the idea of leaving cash anonymously on windshields!

    I also donate all clothes, toys, books, even coupons!

    Also, please encourage men to donate. That table is almost always low on clothing and even some boys were men sizes if you do not like donating to men.

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