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Pay It Forward to Help Others


Recently, I was  offered the opportunity to become a Haier Ambassador. I took the position because the  Haier brand would allow me to review quality products that I could review and then donate to people in need. The first review that I was asked to participate in was an air conditioner.  Since we already own an air conditioner, I thought why not use this opportunity to help others. I asked Haier if I can just donate it to a family in my area that has kids and lives in a house without air or heat and I’m very grateful because they agreed.

It all started with my $100 story, that’s when I started to make it a mission to use Madame Deals as a way to reach out and help others. Being a blogger opened a lot of great opportunities for me and my team. I receive lots of great products and services and I often share with other people too, people who need it more than I do. Paying It Forward is very important to me. I want my children to learn how to share and I want to inspire others to make a difference by being kind and extending a helping hand to others in need. That’s why I am very thankful for companies like Haier that are very generous and allow me to Pay It Forward with their products.

MadameDeals Pay It Forward to Help Astar and Her Kids

We chose Astar to receive the Haier Air Conditioner unit. Read her story below.


I am a single mom of two girls, ages 8 and 6, and I work part time as a preschool teacher and sell jewelry. I also take classes when I can at a local community college to finish my degree in elementary education. Since my husband left almost a year ago, I have received no financial support from him and the air conditioner in our house broke last September. I was told it needed to be replaced and would cost a thousand if not more for a new one. I have barely been able to pay all my bills and have used all my savings, so replacing an air conditioner at this time is not feasible. We have a couple fans in my house, but so far with both fans going and all the windows open it still gets to 92 degrees in our house.

I select Astar because she is a single mom of two girls and I grew up with my single mom who also had two girls. I was lucky my dad did provide for us as did my mom. It is very difficult as a parent to try to provide for your children and even harder if you are doing it alone. Astar gives freely of her time and her heart. She is a gifted teacher and her daughters are lovely. Her youngest is a friend of my little girl. I had no idea that Astar was in need until I posted this idea I had for paying it forward with an air conditioner and one of her friends let me know she was in need. Astar is a hard worker and dedicated mom. I am glad that my job and brands like Haier believe in paying it forward.

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Stay tune for our review of  the Haier air conditioner/heater unit that she received.


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