Pay it Forward Friday Week #4

  This all started with the $100 story. The idea was simple invest what you have in others and in turn you can unite people. This year I decided I was going to create a “helping others resolution.” I was going to “offend” as many people as possible by not asking if they needed me to provide a good deed I was going to offer to help and do so. I was going to  give from my heart and in return I would have the memory of their reaction. I was going to document those memories and continue to build our $100 story.

I say our because I was going to ask every fan I have and every blogger I know to pay it forward. I was going to invest my time into creating a better world one deed at a time. I would like to have site where we can share what we have done. I feel that it is important to share. I have received several emails stating sharing is boasting and you should give with out “talking about it.” I say brag away. I want you to tell everyone how you helped someone. I want you to inspire people. We live in a world where bad news is viral. I say lets make paying it forward viral. I want everyone of the people who reads my site to know we are paying it forward. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it comes from your heart. We have a list of 100 things you can do for free.

Week #4

I am sure if you follow my site you know that my husband and I are coaching basketball. I am actually the head coach which is quite funny. I have learned a lot for becoming a coach. I learned that even though you do not “know” something you can learn. I learned if you surround yourself with a support system you can do anything. I also learned that I was chosen to do this for a reason. The reason is simple it showed me how meaningful sports can be to children.

I sat down with my husband one night. I saw the orchids he had bought me last year still holding their beautiful flowers. I looked at him and realized we didn’t need to run to the store to buy anything for Valentine’s Day. I asked if he would be okay with not exchanging gifts because I had a far greater idea in mind. He of course asked. “How much is this going to cost me?” I said, “The same as it usually does but the reward will be greater.” He said, “okay.” The gift that I asked him for was I wanted us to sponsor a child. I would like to pay the fees for one child to play soccer and provide their cleats. I realized that the $75 fee is out of reach for so many families and if we could provide that fee and some cleats we could help a child experience the joy of sports for months to come this season. It makes the candy, dinner, and flowers for one day seem silly when you can instead change a child’s world for a season.

That is what we are doing this week we are going to sponsor a child for a season of soccer. I am so excited I can’t contain myself. I can’t wait to hear what you are going to do. I want you to remember it is not the size of your wallet that counts it is the size of your heart!


Week #1 I donated three huge bags of shoes to the homeless.

Week #2 I donated books to an Amish Community.

Week #3 I donated dresses to girls to feel special at their dances.

If you want to see your story appear in our $100 story the fill in this form.

You can enter our contests for paying it forward HERE

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