Pay It Forward Friday: Feed the People

Inspired by my $100 Story, I decided that this year Madame Deals’ mission is to unite people through good deeds and giveaways.

I decided each week I would do something for others. I have taken my challenge to help other and Pay it Forward each Friday seriously. This week an email came across my computer. It said we will feed 40,000 people if you tweet about our plight. I thought oh I can do better than that I am part of the Mission Giveaway group and we hold events each week where one person wins and one person gives a prize to someone else.

We could easily complete this mission as a team. The pay it forward I am doing this week is taking part in the planning of an event that will award prizes for 4 days every hour on the hour to those of you that get involved. I will partner with several other blogs and we are going to tweet, post, and make videos until every single meal is given all 40,000 ConAgra meals. Are you in? Are you ready to help me? Can you make tweeting and participating your pay it forward Friday next week. Can you commit to emailing all your friends, sharing my Madame Deals facebook posts and retweeting my tweets until we have 40,000 meals in front of the people who need them? Can you do that for me? I will spend countless hours organizing the event all I ask is that you help by participating! We can all give and grow together. We are on a mission to unite the world one giveaway at a time!

Please read all of my Pay It Forward Friday posts! Plus, check out this article written by my fans 100 things you can do to help others for FREE!

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  1. Kathi Davis says

    You can count me in for sure…. I love helping people… especially if they don’t know who it is…. makes you feel so good… just knowing you have helped. I have been where others are now and someone helped me… so it is only right that I pay it forward! You are a blessing to everyone with your ideas and inspiration. Thank you for ALL you do for so many!

  2. deb kovac says

    This is a wonderful idea. I’m so glad you put the hard work into this so the rest of us can help so easily. Thanks for having a huge heart.

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