Pay It Forward Friday Contest – Win Whole Foods Gift Card

Inspired by my $100 Story, I decided that this year Madame Deals’ mission is to unite people through good deeds and giveaways.

Please read all of my Pay It Forward Friday posts! Plus, check out this article written by my fans 100 things you can do to help others for FREE!

Pay It Forward Friday Contest

PRIZE: $15 Whole Foods Gift Card for you to win and $15 for you to give to pay it forward


1. Answer My Pay It Forward Question Below. (One entry for each answer)

2. Share this post (one entry for each share so post your shared link below). You can share on FB, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc..

3. Leave a comment on my Whole Foods: Orchids One Day Sale post

Contest ends on 5/3/12 at 11:59pm EST


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  1. Marthalynn says

    My other plans to Pay It Forward is having a single friend over for dinner tonight since she is bummed out by not having “someone special” in her life right now.

  2. lynn shires says

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    A lady in front of me at the grocery store was a little short in cash for her purchase and I gave her the extra to pay, if wasn’t much but I could tell it meant a lot to her and more to me!

    I plan to help out at a local charity event to raise money for our local animal shelter.

  3. Trayce Mc says

    I’ve been unemployed for the last 4 yrs & have had to rely on social services to survive. The other day I was out going to buy some items to hold me over til next month & came across an elderly woman who was homeless & starving. My heart bled for her so I used what I had left to get her food to last a few meals. I have mac & chez/ramen to eat at the least but she had nuttin & that wasn’t ok with me so I did what little I could. I only wish I could do more. If I win I would probably end up giving her both gcs lol.

  4. Angela G says

    My pay it forward this week has been securing the location for the end of the year party for my dd class.

  5. Amy Brown says

    I volunteered to help with a meal provided in connection with a charity organization.

  6. Jessica Hays says

    We donated a brand new kids dvd to the local library!

    jessicaahays at

  7. Jessica Hays says

    I plan to pay it forward by making homemade muffins for the elderly woman next door!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  8. ria says

    I plan to collect coupons and freebies to donate to a local church charity for women and children

  9. Jessie C. says

    I gave one free ice cream coupon to the couple next to me during checkout in the store.

  10. stephanie rowe says

    this week, i participated in “Taste of Midwest City” , a tasting event that raises money for our local food banks. we had a great turnout and raised over $2000!

  11. laura v says

    to help pay it forward, i am using a website which gives to a pet shelter everytime i use a coupon. also checking on the same neighbor and another one who is ill.

  12. Leslie Galloway says

    I fed a parking meter that was expired… nothing big, but hopefully it helped someone out.

  13. Leslie Galloway says

    I need to go through and donate my kids’ clothing to our local charity. Other than that, I always plan to pay it forward by donating to my college (They gave me a scholarship when I needed it) and donating to other various charities. On a more personal level, I volunteer at my kids’ schools and the local children’s hospital.

  14. says

    I bought milk, eggs, the staples and some extra groceries for my neighbor, I plan on helping her out whenever I am able. It was a blessing to me to be able to bless her.

  15. says

    I plan to definitely keep on helping my neighbor whenever I am able. I also donate a lot of our unused clothing items to our local YWCA, who help out seniors and those with disabilities in the community. I know when I donate there it goes right back into our local community, which is just awesome.

  16. Trayce Mc says

    I plan on payin it forward today by donating blood & 2morrow I’m cooking at a local soup kitchen.

  17. Mary Agloro says

    This week I helped a lady with communication (language barrier) and I helped another lady learn how to use an exercise machine at the gym.

  18. Christine says

    I was in a dept. store, and shared my coupons with the person behind me in line. Each week, I volunteer at our local library, and I’m going in tomorrow 🙂

  19. Karlie says

    I helped my neighbor with her laundry since we don’t have an elevator and she sprained her wrist last week…

  20. says

    Prison ministry needed a new CD burner so I donated $40, sent $25 to a woman in prison who has reoccuring breast cancer. They recently had to up the dose on her twice a day chemo regimine and I leave coupons on the grocery shelves for other people.

  21. Sarah says

    I bought Lion King stage tickets for my cousin’s son so he can go see the show!

  22. Calshondra Williams says

    I am recently unemployed and my friend takes me to the grocery store. I share my coupons with her so we can both save money. Also, I leave coupons on the shelf for others.

  23. Calshondra Williams says

    I left a comment on the Whole Foods: Orchids One Day Sale post