Pay It Forward Friday 2/3/12

This 2012 my goal is to help as many people as I can, Read my $100 Story! I want us all to be united with this goal and create a wave of kindness by doing one good deed at a time.

Today’s Pay It Forward Friday Flash Contest Prize:

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Rules are simple:

1.) Leave a comment below: Tell me your favorite memory of a good deed that you have done.

2. ) Read my $100 Story!  Leave a comment and let me know about what you think.

3.) Share as many of my posts as possible.

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  1. tami husak says

    Once while I stopped at the gas station to pick something up someone asked me if I had some chance to help them get gas to get home..I didnt have alot but gave them the rest of my money so they could hopefully make it home.

  2. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

    I am not entering the contest but I am thankful of a good deed. Your story is wonderful and makes me smile.
    What some don’t understand is get on the box scream your good deeds and others may follow. You don’t need to say who you have given that good deed to but claim your fame for what you have done.
    Now why do I post like this well I have no money to spend to buy new items for school when they get broken or extras when things fall apart in the house because my husband is terminal and most of our check goes on food, medicine and medical care.
    My stepson broke his school bag and as you know school sales are long over and my money was really tight. It was during school hours a supervisor came up to my son and handed him a new school bag. This happened because donations were given to our school by some parents for kids that can’t afford paper, pencils, schoolbags and books. Because of this my worry was gone about how I was going to buy my stepson a bag.
    Be proud of what you do because it makes someone’s day a whole lot easier.

    • Lisa says

      Bless you and your family, Cheryl! I hope you see many, many beautiful rainbows once this storm in your life passes! *HUG*

  3. ArizonaGirlsCouponing says

    I’ve started couponing last couple months. My reason? Because we don’t have a lot to spare most of the time but we have friends struggling much worse! With couponing we are able to stretch our dollar a bit more. Plus we’ve been able to help another family. With necessities and some food.

    Due to the couponing I recently sent care packages to others in other states. I sent them toiletries as well as some dry goods food such as beans, rice and oatmeal. It makes me feel good to continue couponing because then I can pay it forward by helping others. Where I don’t have the money to give. I can spend the time to do the couponing and get the good deals for cheap to free items. And then share it locally and possible care packages elsewhere =)

    IF I win this I will probably pass it on to 2 people as I don’t really need it……=)

    Thanks! =)

  4. Bridget Merker says

    I have been helping out my goddaughter’s mother. She is a single mom and doesn’t make alot of money. I have been shopping (with coupons of course!) for items that I know she needs for herself – deodorant, toothpaste, bodywash, papertowels, etc, and giving a supply to her every few weeks. The smile on her face makes it worth it! It is so nice to be able to give back.

  5. Lisa S. says

    I guess my favorite memory was the year I gave up coming home for spring break in college. Instead, I traveled to the inner city in Chicago to do some volunteer work. We stayed with some nuns who ran a school and I got to tutor some of the kids who BADLY needed help with their work, someone to listen, and someone to give out hugs. We also went into “the projects” – with a police escort – and cleaned and painted an older woman’s apartment. Her daughter was an addict and this woman was caring for her 3 young grandchildren. I will never forget the smells, the roaches, the drug paraphanalia out in the hallways, the bars on the windows….. it all hit home how lucky I was, even though my family was far from wealthy. Helping that family made me realize that my true calling was to become a Social Worker – and that I did. My desk always had a framed photo of me from my college days with those kids who were being raised by their grandma. I always wondered what happened to them. I wonder if they knew that their beautiful smiles, in spite of their living conditions, changed my life. Even though I’m not working anymore, I still look at that photo from time to time – just to remind myself that even when I struggle, I am so much luckier than a lot of people and that it doesn’t take much to put a smile on someone’s face.

  6. Theresa says

    Today my daughter & I went shopping for a family that the father was in a horrific accident. He had no health insurance as he just had changed jobs and was less than a month away from getting ins. We went to Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid.. The daughter was so happy when we pulled up & I popped the trunk. We were able to give them 6 rolls of paper towels, 12 rolls of toilet paper, deordant, dawn, dryer bar, shampoo, conditioner, and windex. They were approved for food stamps so they did not need food this time.(We sent alot of that over last time). She hugged both me & my daughter and teared up. I personally don’t know the family, I am friends with his sister.

  7. Mindy S says

    I really enjoy doing good deeds and teaching my children about charity and helping others. They like to come to our Box Up nights when we package items to send to the troops and they also like to pick out items from our cupboards to bring to church for the food pantry.

    One of my favorite good deeds was when I was a Secret Santa to my grandfather. He lived by himself and wasn’t really into Christmas but he really enjoyed receiving special gifts each night. I knew that he was excited about it when I went to his house and it was dark inside with all of the outside lights on. He was waiting to see who the Secret Santa was. I don’t know how but he never saw me that night (maybe he fell asleep?) and I managed to keep the identity of the Secret Santa just that – a secret.

  8. Mindy S says

    I love your $100 story! It’s always amazing how the saying “what goes around comes back around” really does happen. The more that you give, the more that you receive and I don’t mean that in monetary or material ways. Although, I will always remember the day when I was writing out a tithing check to my church. I hesitated on the amount that I was going to write and at the last moment decided to write it for more than I had planned. Not a minute later, I received a call from my son’s school that he had won a brand new bike. The timing of that phone call was no accident. :)

  9. says

    I am on the same tight budget as one of the other members on here. I have 4 kids living at home & a husband who is constantly in & out of the hospital & constantly on medications. I still take Have found time to help ppl in various ways. A few years ago I helped a homeless man who held a sign saying will work for food. He was over by Mcdonalds, so I went there & bought him a sandwhich, fries and a drink. I helped a homeless (& smelled to awful) gal to her destination of a friend she was going to stay with. An aquantince of mine has a child that has bladder issues & it just happened that someone gave me some briefs to part with or sell, so I gave her a couple of good sized boxes full of them & at Christmas she was worried that her kids would have nothing. So I went through the kids toys and gave them the nicer ones. I am a claw machine freak & save all the toys I get from those machines. I had a purple teddy bear that I decorated up for her daughter with pretty ponytails and even made a necklace and bracelet and put on the bear. I also gave a huge spiderman stuffed toy to another child who was looking at not having a very good christmas. The family who got the spiderman, tells me he carries that thing all over the house & even sleeps with it, so I felt my good deed was done. I have not heard back from the other mom, however that is okay, at least I know I was there to help. I could go on with things I have done in 2011 but I wont! :)