Pay It Forward Friday 1/6/12


This 2012 my goal is to help as many people as I can, Read my $100 Story! I want us all to be united with this goal and create a wave of kindness by doing one good deed at a time.

Rules are simple:

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2.) Leave a comment: Share with us the good deed that you have done this week.

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  1. Tammy says

    This week, I helped a lady in line at WalMart by giving her some change (so she wouldnt have to put something back). It always feels good to see someone smile. I was amazed at the KMart layaway story (just before Christmas). The world would be so much better if everyone would try to help others instead of all the cheating, lying and stealing. May God bless each and every one of you. Touch a Life and Create a Smile!

  2. Carrie says

    This past week has been difficult in our community. A 15 year old girl who was beautiful inside and out, and had many many friends that loved her, took her own life two days after Christmas. I am in awe of the power of these kids to come together as they are struggling to make sense of it all. They have many different efforts going to do something, in honor of her and to help her family. My son knew this girl and I have witnessed first hand how it has impacted him. One group of kids is working to raise money for a suicide prevention program at the high school. I am donating some banners and some rubber wristbands, and a few other supplies to help them on their way.

  3. Susan Bryant says

    This week I took the time to make my best friend a coupon binder for her to use. You may not think this is a huge act of kindness, but my friend is in the process of getting a divorce from her husband of nearly 21 years & she only works part time right now….so the coupon binder is going to be AMAZING for her to be able to save money living on her own with 2 children! We normally go out shopping once a week together and I find as many deals as I can during the week for us to try to get and we spend quite a bit of time browsing through the stores for clearance items we can match coupons up to so it makes it a fabulous deal! I cannot wait to give her the coupon binder this afternoon…she is going to be thrilled! I am hoping to win this so I can help her fill her binder a bit more!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win! I love reading stories of people helping others because it makes my day! I loved your $100 story and I do believe that if you do something good for someone else, your good deeds do not go unnoticed!!!!

  4. Julinda says

    I took 3 kids that don’t have a good home life to Disney. We stayed a week in Florida. I also paid for everything while we were there to give them a different perspective on life. Their previous ambitions were to be on food stamps and lay around the house.

  5. Brooke Adkins-Kirk says

    Back in the Summer we met a small group of other homeschooling families and our lives have been very blessed. One of the families that has two biological children already has answered the call to provide a forever family to two special little boys with Down’s Syndrome in Eastern Europe. We have been so moved by their faith and devotion that we have been inspired to help in any way that we can. We’ve chipped in on several of their fundraisers but I wanted to do more. This week I have been working to put together a raffle from several vendors and my own Mary Kay stock to benefit their adoption fund. They have been on this journey for almost a year and are very close to getting to bring their boys home! My goal is to raise $1000 for them. I’ve been blessed time and again this week as sponsors have stepped forward to donate items to help, to share how moved they were by the story.

    SN: If anyone would like to read about their journey you can do so at

  6. tami husak says

    I cant afford to do much but I am making homemade gifts for people just to do it, and today I bought my hubby a cert. so he could get a real hair cut, as opposed from me giving him one. :)

  7. Lee Black says

    I donated a bunch of food (that I was able to get for basically free using coupons!) to some needy families through my son’s school! I can’t afford to do much, but it felt good to be able to do this!

  8. Wendy Pogrant says

    I can’t afford to do much so I gave all my free samples I will not use to a neighbor that is raising her 3 great grandchildren because the mother died.

  9. Mary Beth says

    I love this. I have had the same New Years Resolution for the past 9 years. Do something nice for someone every day. It is so much easier then you think . A smile , a phone call, today I paid for the order behind me at a fast food drive thru. I help someone with groceries. push their cart back to the store, complement someone on their hair style, Yesterday i saw a older lady who looked sad. I told he she looked wonderful in that color. she thanked me with tears in her eyes and said that was her hubby ‘s favorite color and he died 1 year ago that day. she was sure he asked me to say that. Anyway Paying it forward does not have to cost you money.! MB

  10. Aimee W says

    My stories don’t compare to any of these. You all are able to do such wonderful things and make a difference. It’s great! I’m not even sure my acts of kindness are anything else but just being there to help. My neighbor (new to the neighborhood) was sick this past week and I’ve been taking the kids to the bus stop and keeping her youngest who isn’t in school yet. Made a dinner to send home. It’s hard being on a budget, but I try in other ways. Someday things will change around and I will be able to give more, till then I do what I can. :)

  11. Christy says

    My art students and I collected over 700 lbs of canned goods for our local food bank. We are using them in a can sculpture contest tomorrow where we will build an interactive sculpture at a local children’s museum. It will remain on display for a week and then the food will go to needy families.

  12. Ladette says

    I have been working on pillowcase dresses for little girls that need clothes. I haven’t decided exactly where I am sending them, but I have a few options that are open. I have really enjoyed buying fabric and sewing for someone in need.

  13. says

    I work part time with handicap elderly. Each week I make it a point to pick them up something extra special at the grocery store that I know they won’t buy. Today, I had coupons for hot chocolate so I bought them a couple of boxes. Smile on their face = PRICELESS. It’s the little things in life.

  14. deb k says

    It was so refreshing to read your story. I’m the type of person the tries to help someone everyday. I’m not rich or anything. I believe that acts of Paying it forward big or small is a great way of helping someone out. Today I watch my friends kids so she could get some much need work done. I didn’t send much money besides the food it cost to feed the kids. But I know how much it helped her and I was glad that I could help. I also helped a few friends through sign up for a few free links. If that counts. Thanks for sharing your story with all your fans.

  15. Laurie Ward says

    This week, I cleaned out my binder…..a difficult task with my 15 mo. old, so I just stayed up really late a bunch of nights:) I organized all of my expired coupons and sent them to military families overseas who can still use them…..and I found 3 families online who were searching for coupons that I had and didn’t necessarily need and sent those to them. It didn’t really cost a lot except for a little lost sleep and postage, but it really feels good to know that I helped others be able to feed their families. Thanks for sharing your story and for all you do to give back to others:)