Pay It Forward Friday 1/27/12 – Win 1800Flowers Valentine's Day Flowers


This 2012 my goal is to help as many people as I can, Read my $100 Story! I want us all to be united with this goal and create a wave of kindness by doing one good deed at a time.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and this is the perfect time to show and share our love not only to our friends and family but also to other people in need and to people who help our community.

Rules are simple:

1.) Go to and tell me what is your favorite Valentine’s Day flowers and why.

2.) If you win this contest to whom do you want to send this beautiful flowers to?

3.) Read my $100 Story!  Leave a comment and let me know about what you think. You can also share the good deed that you have done this week.

4.) Share as many of my posts as possible.

For every post you share on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Pinterest, and/or Google +1, you get an entry. The more post you share, the more entries you’ll get!

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What is the prize? A bouquet of Fields of Europe™ Romance from!

A perfect surprise this coming Valentine’s Day. This bouquet is inspired by flourishing flower market at the heart of every great European city. With gorgeous red and pink roses, lilies, Gerbera daisies and alstroemeria, this “field-gathered” bouquet in a glass vase with satin ribbon is a romantic taste of an old-world tradition.

Contest is open to US  only.

Contest ends 1/27/12 11:59pm


  1. CATHERINE G says

    My favorite flowers at 1-800-flowers are the rose and lily bouquet. Last year when I was giving birth to our daughter, my husband was in Afghanistan. This is the exact bouquet he had waiting on the doorstep when I got home from the hospital. The card said “thank you for being so strong all by yourself” I keep that card tucked in my wallet for the times I need to find my inner strength.

  2. JAY SMALL says

    I just love all flowers, , But I feel any flower you give or recieve shows someone took the time out of there life to say I love you and you mean something special to them.

  3. Tammy Slade says

    The Fields of Europe are my favorite on the 1-800 -flowers website. These call to me they are so glorious and beautiful with their perfect colors blended, my reason for being the favorite. If I am lucky enough to win, I would give these to the lovely lady who comes to my office whenever I need her to, to clean up my bookeeping messes. She does this for no pay, she is a bookeeper genius and helps me as community service. I would like to show her my appreciation. I would do it anyways with or without this win, but would be a nice treat for both of us.

  4. Brooke Adkins-Kirk says

    They had so many pretty and unique things, but, I had my Mom on my heart when looking as she’s had a hard time in the past few years since she and my Dad split up. I loved the Modern Lavender Trio because of their beauty and scent, but, also because they would be a gift that would keep giving since they were planted in the window box! And, if I won my Mom is who I would have the beautiful Fields of Europe Bouquet sent to! Thanks for the chance! I love this idea and have loved reading about others’ acts of kindness <3

  5. Crimson says

    1. My favorite valentine’s flowers at 1-800-flowers actually aren’t flowers at all. It would have to a bonsai tree — but I can’t decide which one — either the Sago Palm Bonsai (which I love because it is SO unique!) or the Tangerine Bonsai (because it actually DOES flower and bear miniature fruits!). I prefer plants because I can appreciate them longer than flowers, and I have a bad track record with receiving flowers. Something has always happened — they weren’t delivered on the right day, I received the incorrect order, the flowers were damaged…you get the idea.
    2. If I win this contest, I would like to send the flowers to my step-mom. She has been my rock. My mother committed suicide when I was 18, and when my father began dating again, it was hard for me to see another woman next to him. But she is a true blessing from God. Never having children of her own, she treats me as her own daughter, providing the unconditional love I have needed along the way.
    3. Your $100 story is so inspirational! When I read stories such a yours, it reminds me to humble myself and be more thankful for what I do have, and complain less on what I don’t have but feel I should. A good deed I have done this week — it’s a small one, but I try to always do it — hold the door open for others, male, female, younger, older. I think it’s a matter of acknowledging the other person exists and doesn’t need a door slammed in their face when it only takes a second or two to hold the door open for the person behind you.

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    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  6. Angela G says

    I’d select the Rose and Tulip Bouquet since it is bright and happy looking.I’d send it to my grandmother since she recently lost her hubby and her days aren’t always so bright.

  7. Shelly the Chic Crafty Chick says

    I would choose the Love Birds Pink Rose. It is a cute mini rose bush in an adorable clay pot with two birds. I’d send it to my mother in law because she is so hopeful to me. She keeps my boys so I can get a break from two preschoolers.

  8. Kim Barton says

    Be Mine Bouquet because it has Star Gazer Lillies and they are my favorite flower. The bouqet is georgeous

  9. Kim Barton says

    I would send them to my husband and let him know how much I care for him. He always takes care of me and makes sure I have flowers almost all of the time, not always fancy but he does it.

  10. Rachel says

    I read your story & left a comment about a very nice thing that happened last night to a place where I volunteer at! There are some very kind people out there!

  11. Bridget Merker says

    I love the “It’s your day” bouquet. This would brighten up anyone’s day. I would share these with a friend who has had surgery and medical complications recently.

  12. Lisa S. says

    I love the Sweetheart Bouquet because it’s colorful, and not the same ol’ red roses that are EVERYWHERE for Valentine’s Day. (I’m not a fan of roses at all.)

  13. Lisa S. says

    I would send the flowers to my best friend. She lives halfway across the country with no family nearby and just found out that her infant daughter has a VERY rare eye disorder. They believe the baby is legally blind in one eye and the syndrome is known to be accompanied by kidney problems and neurological defects. Needless to say, my friend is a wreck and could use a little cheering up.

  14. Lisa S. says

    I love your $100 story, and totally believe it, because similar things have happened to me – only on a much smaller scale. Just today, my friend stopped by to pick up all of my daughter’s old baby clothes so she could give them to her social worker. Her social worker stops by periodically to check on my friend’s foster children, and she will take the clothes back to work to give to the kids who are removed from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. At least with donations, they are able to give each child an extra outfit and some PJ’s to get them started during such a confusing time.

  15. nicole cramer says

    I would choose the Fields of Europe™ Romance flowers. These remind me of my mother. She would like these they look like the flowers she grows in her garden in the summer. I would send them to my mom because she doesn’t get anything for valentines day and she deserves it! It would make her day. I don’t think she ever has had flowers delivered to her.

  16. Ami says

    I Love the Dazzle Her Day flowers. I love wild flowers… I would send them to my Mom because she lives alone, she has cancer and is housebound. She always is doing something for someone. She has given us kids everything she could. She is the Strongest and most Amazing woman i know. I got the love of wild flowers from her. That’s her prefeerence. Weird how that happens… I find myself saying things and looking over my shoulder constantly!!

  17. Bridget Williams says

    My favorite is message in a bottle. I really think it is just too sweet! I would give it to my friend who lost her son wednesday night, it would cheer her up and show her that we care even after the funeral.

  18. Kim says

    The Fields of Europe are my favorite! The colors are vibrant and rich and the whole bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!

    If I win, I would send these flowers to my best friend. Her father passed away last week, and I want to send her something to remember how rich and vibrant his life was and how he touched so many people’s lives.

  19. Nikki Lynn Hanna says

    1. I really like the Two Dozen Assorted Roses arrangement. I love roses to start with and the different colors and just beautiful.

    2. If I won this, I would sent the flowers to my grandmother. She has raised me since I was born and she is also my best friend. She’s of course getting older, and with age can come accidents. She fell in January of 2008 and broke her leg and her hip. She has had several surgeries for these injuries. About two years ago, she fell because her right foot starting turning in and found out she had something called Foot Drop syndrome. Now both feet are doing it and because of this, she is now a shut in. She cannot walk without a walker and has to wear a special boot for her feet. I would love to send these to her because I love her dearly and she has done so much for me and my family that I would at least try to brighten her day with some flowers.

    3. I think your story was very inspirational! I love the idea that you put others first and tried to help them as much as possible. We need more people like you in this world, too many people are too greedy and don’t care about others and their well being

  20. Pat says

    I would love any pink flowers, especially roses.. Pink is my favorite color. My husband, when we first started to date, was very generous with flowers. As the years have gone by, he has gotten stingier and stingier. Now he plants flowers in the yard and says, ‘these are for you”, and they aren’t even anything I could pick, or that I even like. He spends his spare money on himself; he started smoking last year after 13 years of being smoke-free, drinks to the point that he is abusive, and over the past several months has started going out weekend nights playing Texas hold-em. Our 10th wedding anniversary was Jan 19th; he got me shabby supermarket roses and took me out to dinner, a restaraunt I did not like, then asked me for half of the money to pay for it. I am retired with multiple disabilities, on a very limited income, and I think I deserve to have more attention from him, given the circumstances I am living with. I had my thyroid out a few months ago, and he didn’t even give me flowers (it was the day before my birthday). It is sad, because I am kind and generous to everyone, and I have no-one in the world to be kind to me. My youngest son is deploying to Army boot camp in a few weeks, my older son is away at school. HIS son is an alcoholic, and a few months ago tried to physically assault me when he had gotten drunk at my in-laws’ house, and I went over to help them (because my own husband, their son, was drunk sleeping in his recliner). Most of the time- like right now- it’s just me and my kitty. Those flowers would be a lovely ray of sunshine. Thank you for listening.

  21. Jaime Dubey says

    My favorite Valentines Flowers at 1800flowers has to be: Cupcake in Love for my cupcake, now you ask why??? I just think it is so festive and so different, it is not your everyday normal looking dozen of roses that most get for Valentines day it actually looks like a cupcake! I guess because it is different looking is the reason I Love it so much.
    Now you ask who I would send to if I won: I would send to an Elderly man named Gabe that lives in the Boston area, I have never met Gabe personally but I met him on a wish site and I have learned so much about him. His wife is in a nursing home and he is always there visiting his wife who he calls his Queen. When you see him type stories about his wife it reminds me of the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. It is so romantic and shows that there really is true Love still out there. At the present time Gabe is in the Hospital because he didnt take care of himself like he is suppose to, his wife was taken from the Nursing home to the hospital where she spent some time and he was by her side the whole time. He was not eating correctly and ended up getting really sick. I have had a special bond with Gabe since day 1 when he saw pictures on the wishsite of my youngest daughter when she had her 21 day stay at the hospital. He sent me a private message and asked me if it was the Italian Home for Children, I had never told anyone where Alyssa was placed but I had a wish up for cards to be sent to me and I would bring them to her. When I sent him a message back saying yes he told me a story of him and his wife going there many many years back and adopting a child. Back in the day it use to be an orphanage, now it is a place for mentally unstable children to go for help. Since that day I have had a special place in my heart for him because we bonded over a facility we had both used but decaded apart from one another. I know that Gabe does not have a whole lot of money so if I was to win and send them to him I know he would be so proud to march into the Nursing home and give his Queen these beautiful flowers!

  22. Jaime Dubey says

    About your $100.00 story: since the day I read your story it has inspired me and pushed me to pay it forward as often as I can. I try at least 1 time a day to pay it forward weather it be just by talking to a lonely elderly person, sending someone in need toiletries, giving someone gas money for much needed errands. Offering to clean for my elderly neighbors. I also have my 6 year old Autistic daughter involved in the pay it forward project. She is super excited about it and asks me everyday what we are going to do so we can make someone smile.
    Today I was helping a friend out by putting a few dollars of gas in her car and there was a girl at the gas station that only had five dollars and forgot her bank card so I told the man to take her 5 and add 10 more so she can at least let her gas gauge move. With the price of gas five dollars does nothing. I was also very happy to see a picture posted of the little boy I sent pull up to because mom is having a rough time. The look on the little boys face was priceless.
    I am not rich as I always tell you but whenever I can help someone I do the best I can, I have been there. I was homeless until November 1st of 2011 after getting out of an abusive relationship and everyone was so nice helping me out whenever it was possible that I prayed to GOD to please help me and guide me in the right direction and I promised as soon as I could I would try and help as many of his children as possible! GOD answered me yes he did and I am keeping my end of the deal. Yes there are still times I may need to ask for help but I do the best I can to pay it forward!!! I can’t wait until Feb 1st so I can tell you what Alyssa and I are doing with her school! It is going to be the ultimate pay it forward for us!!!

  23. Tim says

    My favorite would be the valentines surprise, mainly because it comes with chocolate. I would have them sent to my beautiful girlfriend, but I wouldn’t tell her I won it.

  24. Jodi D. says

    i would send these to my sister. She is going through a rough patch right now and could use a surprise.

  25. Jodi D. says

    I love the $100 story. I truly believe that if you give the shirt off your back God will provide another one for you. I am trying to pay it forward each week also. This week we made cookies for my neighbor who is a single, retired guy.

  26. Amanda says

    If I won this contest, I would send the flowers to my best friend. Her and her hubby have three children, and don’t really have the funds to go out for Valentine’s Day, so I doubt she will be getting an expensive bouquet of flowers either. I think she could use the pick-me-up :)

  27. Amanda says

    I love your $100 story. I truly believe the “give unto others as it shall be given unto you”. Bless others, you will be doubly blessed. I have recently talked to a couple moms who have given me some of the extra clothes, food, health products etc. to help a mom near me who wasn’t even eating but one meal a day because she fed her son 3 meals a day and didn’t have anything left. I also gave her a gift card to a local grocery store.
    I also have been putting ziploc bags together with toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash etc for homeless people I see around the city. Having a stockpile is nice, but it’s even nicer to give it away!

  28. Sheryl lynn says

    Passion for purple is very pretty. I would send flowers to my mom whom I have’t seen in 15 years.