Pay It Forward Friday 1/20/12 – Win $15 Whole Foods Gift Card

This 2012 my goal is to help as many people as I can, Read my $100 Story! I want us all to be united with this goal and create a wave of kindness by doing one good deed at a time.

Today, we have a special prize to give away for our Pay It Forward Friday Flash Contest! Whole Foods is letting us give away two $15 Gift Card. One for a lucky winner and one that you can give to someone to pay it forward.

I always love Whole Foods! They have really high quality and natural products and the great news for us who love Whole Foods is that today Jan. 20 only, Whole Foods Market is hosting a one-day sale on wild-caught Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified sockeye salmon for just $7.99/lb.! You save nearly 50 percent with this hot deal!

Whole Foods Market maintains the highest standards for seafood quality and sustainability. We prohibit treating our fish with preservatives – so you know what’s on your fork is fish, the whole fish, and nothing but the fish. Your salmon purchase supports healthy ocean ecosystems, too. Our sockeye is certified sustainable by the MSC, meaning fishing methods are low impact and salmon populations are abundant according to the MSC’s high standards for sustainability. And to add to it, the MSC’s chain of custody certification means that the fish are tracked to ensure that they come from the correct, certified fishery.

Check out our Whole Foods for more info on this deal and to check out some yummy recipes!

Rules are simple:

1.) Read my $100 Story!

2.) Leave a comment: Share with us the good deed that you have done this week.

3.) Check out Whole Foods and tell me what is your favorite Alaska Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon Fillet recipe.

4) Share as many of my posts as possible. 

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The Prize –  $15 Whole Foods Gift Card for you and another one that you can give to someone to pay it forward.

Contest is open to US.

Contest ends 1/20/12 11:59pm!

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  1. Virginia W says

    My friend is fundraising for her adoption and will be participating in a Sea of Hope Quarter Auction to benefit her families quest to adopt a little boy that is blind. She is putting together baskets to be auctioned at this really fun event Feb 17th in Wilmington, NC. They told her Wednesday she needed more boy stuff to auction – so yesterday I shopped at Target online clearance and was able to buy 3 items for her auction: regular priced 19.99 I paid 5.48 for each and the awesome thing about Target is they let me ship it directly to her AND I got free shipping with my red card. So for about $18, she will now have 3 more items for people to bid on. She is going to be so excited when she opens that box. So here is how it works – you buy a paddle for $5 – when something comes up for bid that you want – you throw a quarter into the basket on your table and hold up your paddle – paddle numbers are drawn – and someone wins that item for a quarter- Last years auction approx 200 people came :)
    My favorite salmon recipe: Lemony Salmon with Whole Wheat Penne, Peas and Dill
    It looks delicious

  2. sarah buki says

    its so good to hear stories of people helping others. This week we sent a large amount of cash to my in-laws in Africa because someone is sick and they cant afford the medical care required. I was so nervous about how we would make our own ends meet since we had sent almost all we had overseas. I was happily surprised that when we took our kids yesterday to get their shots we did not have to pay up front but they will put it through the insurance first… which means we will have an extra month to come up with the cash!

  3. Angela G says

    To chase the Jan blues away, I shared chocolates (filled a candy jar) with my office mates this week.

  4. Lori Davis says

    Every day we do not just one good deed, but as many as we can. My daughter has been struggling with Epilepsy but every day after school it never fails, she goes (with mom) to get our elderly neighbor’s mail. My husband takes out her garbage when he sees it sitting by her front door, and I pick things up for her at the grocery store when she needs them. She is not related to us in any way, but we do this knowing it will earn us a great reward someday.

  5. ronda says

    on another blog site, someone had asked for an enfamil coupon since they had the high dollar ones you could print out this week. I printed out 2 coupons and sent her every other baby product coupon i had. After my postings, more and more ppl started hooking up to donate coupons to new momma’s who needed them.. I <3 that.

  6. Kate B says

    I shared support this week, holding the hand of a Mom whose child has just been diagnosed with GM gangliosidosis, a genetic relative of Tay Sachs.

    I finished with her and went home and hugged the hell out of my healthy kids.

  7. Lisa S. says

    Today, we’re expecting 9 inches of snow and the temps are in the single digits. Visibility is next to nothing and the roads are horrible. Bringing my daughter home from school, I saw the mail carrier on the other side of the street, trudging through the snow at a much slower pace than usual, snow blowing in his face. I had just enough time to come inside, find a disposable insulated cup with a lid (left over from what I didn’t sell at a craft show) and make a cup of hot chocolate. I didn’t expect him to drink it, but thought it would at least warm his hands and face. To my surprise, he drank it and told me thank you, that this was the first time in 4 years he had ever been offered something to drink on a cold and miserable day.

  8. Lisa S. says

    I’m not a fan of salmon, but if I were to try one of the recipes, it would definitely be the roasted salmon stuffed with spinach, ricotta, and feta. Might try it anyway and use chicken instead. ;-)

  9. Mary Jacobowitz says

    My neighbor asked me to babysit her 4 boys.I donated bags of coffee to a local food bank
    I also bought socks,gloves, and hats for clothing drive at work in honor Martin Luther King giveback day..

  10. says

    Fantastic $100 post. Thank you for sharing it. This week I received a $25 gift card I’d won. It arrived the same day I met a young family with a 2 year old, who are struggling to make ends meet. I gave them the gift card. The card I had won blessed them, and also make me feel great, for being able to help someone.