Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward


  It is that time of the week again. It is  Pay It Forward Friday. I take this time and this day to remind you to do more than your part. I know we are all busy. I resemble that remark 24/7. I decided I would share what I do for my pay it forward. It doesn’t have to happen on Friday this is just the day I put on my calendar to share. Yes, I have a calendar I am so type A it has everything on it. I took on a new job. I think my husband almost fainted when I told him what I wanted to do. He wasn’t the only one. I am just one of those people if I see a problem instead of complaining I become part of the solution. The problem was the school my children attend wasn’t teaching technology.

I know the importance of technology so I decided I was going to help the school “get with the times”. I anticipated just helping. If you know me I am not good at just helping I would say I am more of a leader so I took on the whole project. This is what I did I made a list of the things that needed improvement. They were the school’s digital image, social media accounts, branding, information distribution. Then I look at the issues in the classroom. The students didn’t have access to computers weekly. The school didn’t have them. The students also respond to technology. I used to teach so after speaking with some of the school’s staff over the summer we determined that technology could be used to help with the teacher’s current curriculum. I was going to figure out a way to integrate it. I am teacher by trade so I just pulled up the State of Virginia’s curriculum and thought about how I can use my present job as owner of Madame Deals to help the school that my children attended.

I make money blogging. I even teach people how to make money blogging. If you are a blogger you can hire me I charge $150 a hour I will review your site. The last client I had went from 5,000 page views a month to 60,000. What does this have to do with paying it forward well I am giving the school around 10 hours a week of my time. You can do the math. This site operates 24/7 so if I am not here to run it then I have to staff the site so I am paying someone to run my site while I teach. I am also looking in my Madame Deals inbox and finding opportunities that I would normally not accept because they are paid in product instead of products and cash. I am asking the teachers to write the posts and in exchange they receive the item to keep for their classrooms. Then I pay my staff to promote their posts in hopes that the next product release the company will come back to us to work with them. This will enable my children and other children in the classroom to experience the newest educational products on the market without the school or the parents of the school funding them. Today, I am attending a leapfrog party in my daughter’s class. Leapad sent my child’s teacher hundreds of dollars in equipment and all that she has to do is write a post and throw a party.

This is only possible because I have spent years building a site and creating an audience. I am paying it forward by using my “klout” to attract companies with goods and services that the school needs. I do so because giving back is better than receiving and because my children look forward to every Wednesday when I drop all of my other responsibilities and I return to the classroom and teach children ages 4- 12 how to use technology.

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