Pay It Forward You Deserve a Cookie

Pay It Forward

pay it forward

Do you know someone who deserve a cookie?

It started with our Pay It Forward mission where we offered an opportunity to nominate someone for a note and one of the best cookies I have ever eaten, Cheryl’s cookies. Some may think that one cookie isn’t much, but what if the one cookie sent from you just makes that person’s day? How about if it makes their week? How about if it causes them to do something nice for someone else? You could create a whole chain of kindness? Then it wouldn’t be just a cookie, it would be the start of something great. You can send your own cookie for just $5 from Cheryl’s cookie.

Pay It Forward


Connie (comment #21), I’ll send your brother a cookie!


We only have one rule. It’s simple leave a comment below nominating someone who you think deserve a cookie. You can nominate as many people as you want.

By the end of the week, we will pick the best comment and we will send a cookie to the person nominated.

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  1. jodi leah baird says

    i would nomiate my grandmother,why? well she is in her 70’s and she has her grown son that lives with them and he drags them down with all kinds of bull crap and she ends up taking care of his grand kids and she is just wore out.she is tired and just had neck surgery and still having to do for all them..she has always been there for me and took care of all of us growing up and she needs and deserves a a smile.she needs some thing to make her feel good even for a minute.

  2. Annalisa Murden says

    My wonderful fiance, who takes care of the kiddos and household tasks while I go out and make a living :) I can’t show him my appreciation enough for all he does for us, and he loves cookies :)

  3. velma says

    If i would win i would like to send one to my daughter to put a smile on her face she has been having bad days and she is down she dont know which way to turn she has the days where no one likes her and the days people talk about her and she stays to her self i would like to see her smile and be happy that is why i would have it sent to her ty for this chance.

  4. Karla Robey says

    My friend Barbara who has been battling various health issues lately and still shows up for work as a teacher without complaint giving it everything she can. She puts others first while dealing with her health issues quietly. She deserves a whole box of cookies for her graceful endurance and unwavering dedication to her students, family and friends.

  5. Lisa Fullerton says

    To My friend Robin she is a single mother for the past 5 yrs without support from her ex-spouse. She is a wonderful mother and puts her children first. Always on the run with 4h(cows and goats, horse riding lessons, soccer practice, piano lessons and taking her children camping on weeks is her down time. She never has time for herself and does not know what a great parent she is. Always on the run she never seems to sweat the small things. What a great person she is.

  6. Melissa says

    I would like to nominate my sister, Denise. She always does everything for everyone. Recently she has been keeping my mother positive while waiting to have surgery to remove a very large fibroid. During all this, she has been driving my Aunt back and forth to the VA Hospital because my uncle has become ill. She is always there for her nieces and nephews and sisters. All this while working full time. She has such a huge heart and always puts others first. I try to thank her for helping to take care of my daughter. Even though my baby is 18, she still needs help and when I retired from the Air Force I wasn’t able to relocate back home until my house sells. My daughter graduated High School and moved to Buffalo NY to be with my family. My sister took her in until she could find her own place and checks on her all the time to make sure she is ok. Denise is such a giver, she deserves someone to give back to her. I love her with all my heart!

  7. Debi Pierce says

    I would nominate my daughter’s Spanish Teacher. Not just because he is an amazing teacher, but because he goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher. He understands the difficulties of being in middle school and becomes an par of his students lives. He genuinely cares about his students and is there for them inside and outside of school. Encouraging them to do their best in all aspects of life and helping them to discover and be who they are.

  8. Angel Shearl says

    I would like to nominate my friend Trish Dye Masi. She is a wonderful friend. More like a mother to me! She is going through a rough time with her husbands and her health right now and this smile might brighten her day.

  9. Roe Clark says

    I would like to nominate my son…he works hard & lives in FL….I’m in NC and only get to see him a few times a year….would be so exciting to have him receive this..:-) thank you for the chance to brighten his day!!!

  10. Allyson Hunter says

    I’d love to nominate my daughter, Jennifer Hunter. No matter what happens in life, she is there for me. She always reaches out to lend a hand, even though she has many responsibilities of her own. At the moment, she is having a bad flare up from the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that she suffers with. It is the worst attack she’s had since she was first diagnosed, and most of her body is currently numb. It would be nice to send her a cookie to brighten her day, and to let her know just how much I love her and pray that she recovers.

  11. Amanda Y says

    I would like to nominate my best friend Wendy, she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She just started her chemo on Thursday and has to do a full round of chemo then a double mastectomy, then reconstruction. She is such a strong and Godly woman! She is so positive and upbeat and cares so much for those around her. I have been sick for almost 2 weeks and have not been able to be there for her and would love to send her a small Thanks for being you!

  12. Desiree H says

    My husband is my best friend, and such a great dad to our children. He is so loving and caring. He is always there for me. He works so hard for us, in all he does. He deserves to smile, and deserves a cookie.
    My mother also deserves a cookie. She works so hard at her job and hardly gets paid anything. She is also getting her hours cut. She is so giving to everyone. She has nothing, and still gives. I love her. She definitely deserves a cookie.
    Thanks for the PIF!

  13. Elissa Rogers says

    I would like to nominate my husband. I got hurt at work in April and have been in and out of work since then. He spent five days/nights in hospital with me last month without complaint. He is so good to me.

  14. Cheryl Fisher says

    I would nominate my father. He is in mild to moderate stage of Alzheimers Disease.. He has lost the appeal for a lot of foods but, sweets…cookies or brownies are his favorites. He still enjoys eating these and gives him a smile…I pay it forward for all the good things he has done for me, I in turn would like to give him a cookie.

  15. Kathy Pearlman says

    A woman I work with – whose name is Cheryl! – deserves a cookie. Not only does she put up with all the kids at storytimes, but also after school and she’s always coming up with new programs for the kids. She also the most patient person I know in dealing with adults who act like kids – myself sometimes included…..

  16. Charity Johnson says

    I nominate my sister-n-Christ Whitney. I’ve been dealing w/ a difficult pregnancy (4th child) and my hubby is an unemployed recent grad. She and her hubby have been so sweet to us and given us so much support. The other day she spoke directly to my heart and I know it came straight from the Holy Spirit. She is a great friend and encouragement . I’d love to give her a cookie :)

  17. Lorraine Stewart says

    To my mom… she lives in New York … I moved here with my kids after Hurricane Sandy … I know she misses all of my kids so much … I think a cookie would make her smile

  18. Tiffany Stufflestreet says

    I would like to nominate my son, Brycen. He will be 10 next month. He came into the world at 33 weeks, weighing 4 lbs and had to stay in the NICU for 9 days. As he got older, we realized he wasnt talking as much as he should and he had very strange quirks. He also got so frustrated when he started school that he got violent on occasion. He was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medicine. It helped tremendously. Unfortunately he developed motor ticks and changed medicine six times over 3 years. The last one he was on (a year ago now) he started gaining lots of weight and complaining of headaches. We took him to the doctor and his blood pressure was through the roof. He went to the er and they did a CT scan and found a cyst on his brain. Neurologists say that it is an “incidental find” and will not entertain the idea that it causes any problems. He has signs of autism, many signs but the neuro;ogist just says he may be autistic… He can be very emotional at times but through everything he is the sweetest, most caring and kind hearted little man that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He really enjoys getting mail and I know this could make his day if he is chosen. Thanks so much for the opportunity and for letting me talk about my miracle man.

  19. says

    I nominate my friend Shari. A few months ago she lost her 15 year old son Avery to suicide. She has been so strong for her family and my heart continues to ache for her. This month she had a birthday, and I know it was a rough one with him. I think a loving gesture, no matter how small, goes a long way…a smilie face cookie may just hit the spot.
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  20. chrissy goodwin says

    I would like to nominate my mom. Today is her bday too. She is overcoming dealing with a son with addicition, being sick and going through some test. I know she is in pain mentally and physically, but she will always welcome you with a smile and always offer her help no matter how tired she is.

  21. Connie says

    I would like to nominate my brother. He has always been there for me every since I can remember. He has defended me, he has inspired me, he has always given me great advice, he has been there for me physically from needed help with a broken down car to needing him to help move furniture, he has been there for me emotionally from holding my hand to giving me a hug, he has been there for me mentally from always giving a word of encouragement to applauding me for a job well done, he has always been there for me financially from giving me that $20 bill to put gas in my car to letting me live under his roof for 2 yrs without asking me for a dime in return. Just knowing I have somewhere to live and be safe is all he is concerned with. How can you thank a brother like that? I could never ever repay his love and kindness. I am not his only sibling.. there are 7 of us brother and sisters, and he does the same for ALL of us. He asks for nothing in return. I think a cookie would bring a smile to his face and nothing would warm my heart more than to see HIM smile for a change. I love all my family but my brother Bobby, he has been my rock. Please consider giving a cookie to someone who has all his life not struggled and only had hard times.. but to someone who has brought smiles to everyone else. Thank you.

  22. Tonya Morelli says

    I would nominate Ellen Degeneres ( Ellen Da generous ) the name fits her so well, she is very generous and has helped alot of people. She has a heart of gold and isn’t just a tv actress she is everyones friend. She has gone way above and beyond to help millions and not just in her studio, she helps people like me with depression and other disabilties, she gets us threw the day by her personality, the special talent to make people laugh. If i get to haveing a bad day i go to the dvr play ELLEN and bam i laugh and smile, i’m not so depressed no more. She makes people want to live and makes life wanting to live for it. I may never have met her in person, although my dream is to meet her, but she is my hero, she has hard depressing times and got threw and now is helping people every where. I really think she should get something in return and i know she likes cookies. I hope you win Ellen, i think you have earned a million, no a billion cookies for all you have done.

  23. Judy Lee says

    I would nominate my daughter who is a single mother going through a lot lately and just started back to work,trying to make a living and care for her son all alone.

  24. Desiree H says

    Id also give one to my brother for being such a great example to my family and I! He has dedicated his life to God, and does so many good things for so many people. He is a very NICE NICE person. He doesn’t judge others, and does everything he can to make God pleased with him.
    Thanks again!! :)

  25. mell says

    I would nominate my friend who just landed a new job after having been laid off 3 years ago. She deserves a smile, a series of good days, and some joy in her life.

  26. kaye lake says

    My 84 year old mom fell two weeks ago and has been in two hospitals, two nursing homes, has had three cat scans, a MRI, tons of blood work and 56 xrays. She is now in a nursing home for rehab and she could really use a smile! To be honest, I could too…I am totally exhausted trying to watch over her everywhere she’s been at the last two weeks to insure she is getting proper care, but it has been a labor of love…Thank You!!! :)

  27. Lori Davis says

    My 12 year old daughter Miranda deserves a cookie and a smile! In 2010 her dad and I were awoken early one morning by some horrible gagging sounds coming from our daughter’s room. We rushed in to find her having a grand mal seizure. We raced her to the local hospital, where they transported her to a children’s hospital 45 minutes away. She woke up hours later in a strange place, not even knowing what had happened to her. During the next few weeks she bravely withstood a battery of testing. EEG, MRI, X-rays, and was sent home with medicine (Diastat) that would stop a seizure lasting longer than 5 minutes. 2 months later she had a horrible seizure that wouldn’t stop, even though I had given her the Diastat. We had called the ambulance, and once again rushed her to children’s hospital 45 minutes away. This is time she came home with a prescription medication, and we had to do a 24 hour video EEG. This is very invasive as her head was covered in wires, and she had to be videotaped constantly for 24 hours except when going to the bathroom. That night she went into a seizure. Her pediatric neurologist prescribed another medication, which has helped her pretty well so far. During all of this horrible time she remained strong. She refuses to feel sorry for herself. She had more restrictions in school and couldn’t climb on the playground, she can’t go swimming without an adult right beside her, and a life vest on, she can’t go up and down stairs alone, and we sleep with a video baby monitor in her room in case she goes into seizure. It has been a long, hard road for all of us, but she has been so brave and refuses to let her Epilepsy get her down. For this, she is my Hero.

  28. Judy Pierce says

    I would like to nominate my husband. They are putting a new SAP system in at his work and all he does is works, sleeps and works again. I barely have time to get any food into him. I would love to show him I am thinking about him with the cookie (and hope that is the prelude to a better thank you! LOL)