Pantry Challenge Week 2: Menu Plan

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I shared my first attempt at menu planning.  Having the meals planned out was very helpful and a time saver. Now, my plan did not go smoothly. Wednesday morning I overslept- which meant I had no time to get the pork roast in the crock pot! It wasn’t a big deal though; I just moved the Pulled Pork Sandwiches to Thursday. I also found that we had plenty of leftovers. Implementing a leftover night will help combat wasted food.

Another great aspect of menu planning is that I was able to do some prep-work the night before. Preparing dishes the night before was a huge help on the days I worked out of the home. For example, last week we had Chicken Enchiladas. I had made a whole chicken on Sunday and allocated some of the chicken for the enchiladas. Monday night my husband (with my instruction!) put the enchiladas together and I just popped them in the oven when I got home Tuesday night. It was a huge stress relief to know that dinner was half done before I even got home!

Breakfast: Waffles (leftover from Sunday), Cereal, Toast

Snacks/ Lunch Sides: Cantaloupe, yogurt, crackers, pretzels, home canned peaches, cheese

Lunch for boys: Little smokies, PB&J Sandwiches, Meat/Cheese rollups


Monday: Sweet & Sour Chicken (use leftover chicken from Sunday)

Tuesday: Fish Fillets, tater tots, asparagus

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Lasagna

Thursday: Heather’s Surprise (My friend and college roommate use to make this all of the time; hence the name. Rice-A-Roni Fried Rice, cooked ground beef and corn all mixed together. Great for leftover ground meat!)

Friday: Dinner out (husband’s work dinner)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Quiche (pie crust & sausage from the freezer)

How are you doing with your meal planning? I would love to hear your thoughts on menu planning!


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  1. Kathleen says

    Hi Renae:
    We are having chicken this week, since it was on sale and I stocked up. Last night I made sweet and sour Chicken. Pineapple and Chicken broth was on sale at Ralphs, and I used some manufacturers coupons on that as well. Spent $34 that trip and saved $17. Not bad. I have two more packages of breasts in the freezer for other meals.
    I have a stockpile of tuna, so I will be making tuna casserole or trying some tuna patties. I have a lot of cheese on hand, so maybe tuna melts?
    We started out the week with burritos, and I think we will have taco salad one night.
    I know I will be making Jambalaya for Superbowl, so I am stocking up on shrimp and Andouille sausage. Tell Harry hello and we are rooting for the Saints!


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