Pantry Challenge Progress Report

It is the second week of the pantry challenge. How are you all doing? Are you sticking to your “rules”?

To my surprise, this has been easier than I thought. What has really helped me is the menu planning. Although I did not strictly follow the menu plan last week (over sleeping will do that!), it was a huge stress relief to know that a plan was in place.

Wouldn’t you know it, the first week of the pantry challenge Harris Teeter had super double coupons! I am so glad I through the Harris Teeter caveat in my “rules”! I still did not spend a lot. I did not buy meat, although the chicken deal was enticing. I still have plenty of chicken in the freezer.

Grocery Budget for the week $40:

Spent: $47.65

Saved: $164.44 or 77.5%

Yes, I was over budget. BUT, it was Harris Teeter Super Doubles! I really did have to fight the urge to shop more. There is one thing that we all have to realize though, there will always be another deal. There was no need to go crazy with the stockpile; another deal will be around the corner. Learning how to balance a stockpile is a challenge- and the pantry challenge is definitely helping!


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