Orange Salad Recipe

You may have heard of Ambrosia also known as Orange Salad to many children!

orange salad recipe

Ambrosia is a fancy name for oranges combined with a few other ingredients for a simple orange salad.

During November and December Orange salad is a great way to use fresh citrus.  This ‘orange’ salad can include satsumas, naval oranges,  tangerines, mandarins as well as the sweet lemons!

Orange Salad

Orange Salad


  • Oranges- seedless are easier to work with but not mandatory!
  • Cool whip (lite is fine)
  • marshmallows
  • coconut, shredded (fresh, sweetened bagged or unsweetened bagged)
  • Optional: cherries


  1. Allow the cool whip to come to room temperature so it will mix easily. (Microwaving cool whip is not recommended!)
  2. Peel oranges.
  3. Pull sections apart. If using seeded citrus, remove the seeds.
  4. If using cherries set them on a paper towel to remove the juices which will tint the citrus fruit if not removed.
  5. Mix all ingredients together. Feel free to add more or less of each ingredient to meet the tastebuds of your family! Cool whip helps hold the mixture together.
  6. Orange salad can be made gluten free, fat free, and even sugar free. Just be sure to check your ingredients and use the ones that meet your needs. For example, if watching fat content use the fat free cool whip not regular cool whip!

Looking for other quick and easy ways to get children to eat fruit? See this Smile snack, fruit dip, and 10 ways to eat raw apples! Orange salad is a big hit with children, especially those who are picky fruit eaters.

Don’t want to chew your oranges? Rather than make orange salad juice the oranges for another great way to use this fresh fruit!

Enjoy your fresh citrus in this orange salad now!


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