Oral B professional care4000 power toothbrush

  I love my Oral-B professional care4000 power toothbrush . I have had an oral B toothbrush forever. I was offered the new version that boost superior whitening capabilities. I jumped at the chance. I know we all would love to have whiter teeth with less work. I think a wonderful smile opens many doors. I put this new whitening toothbrush to the test.

Oral-B Professional Care4000 power toothbrush

I found that it was easy to set up. You plug it in and place it on the base and wait until it is fully charged. I found that he charge last 11 days with three teeth cleanings a day. I was amazed at the amount of food the tooth brush was able to get out. I did the brush your teeth with a normal tooth brush experiment just to see if it is worth buying this rechargeable toothbrush

I loved the additional features of a pressure sensitive to let you know that you are being to rough while brushing your teeth. I am so happy it came with a travel case. I used to wrap my old one in a plastic bag which wasn’t ideal.I noticed that my teeth did indeed get whiter. I gave my old toothbrush with new heads to the children and I kept this one for my husband and myself. It is powerful and precise and it works amazingly well.

It also boosts “Unlike brushes that just vibrate, Oral-B’s clinically proven technology pulsates to break up plaque and oscillates and rotates to sweep plaque away”

I love my new oral-b professional care smart series 4000 rechargeable toothbrush.  Oral-b whitening toothbrush lives up to its name.

This product was  sent to me  behalf of P&G but I wouldn’t tell you I liked it if I didn’t.



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