One Tree Hill Says Goodbye

It’s hard to part with shows that you’ve gone to love just like One Tree Hill. After a successful nine seasons it finally comes to an end. The official One Tree Hill props set that you can see above reminds me of this show that has been part of my life. It’s like I grew up with the characters and I immensely enjoyed how their characters have developed season after season. Sad to see it go but I will always remember the story and the casts.

My readers have shared with me their memories of this show. Below are some of my favorites:

Leann Hanson says:
I have watched tree hill since day one. I am such a huge fan- I kick my boyfriend out of the house on wednessdays so he doesnt ruin it for me. (he always makes comments that im too old to watch) He is crazy! I’m team Nathan even though i started watching the show because of Chad Michael Murray. (he was on dawsons creek-my fave show before Tree hill) I always wanted to be an extra on this show, but i unfortunately never made it to NC! This would be the most amazing gift ever! I would treasure this stuff—i am a crazy crazy tree hill fan! My girlfriend and I actually looked into having Ravens cheerleading jackets made for us!! lol…i sound like a crazy-super fan!! I AM A SUPER FAN..BUT i’m NOT crazy …i swear!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

Megan Parker says:
My favorite item above is absolutely Lucas’ novel, The Comet. Lucas & Peyton had that true love that doesn’t die, even if you try and bury it with other things, and they eventually found their way back to each other. The book is so symbolic of that, and it is ultimately what brought them back together because had it not been for that book, especially the title, Lindsay wouldn’t have backed out of the wedding and Lucas would have married her instead of Peyton. One Tree Hill has been a huge part of my life, as I started watching with the Pilot episode when I was in high school and now I’m finishing up 2 years out of grad school. That’s a huge growing period in a person’s life, where you really learn who you are, and the lessons in OTH are a big part of me today

Nguyen says:
I have grown up watching this show and feel like i grew up with the characters. I loved how the show evolved and these props represent so much. I loved how Lucas wrote the book about Peyton without even realizing what the true meaning behind it was. The quotes they said from the book were so well written. I can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end.

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Tune-in for the two-hour series finale: Wednesday, April 4 at 8/7c on The CW!

Disclosure: I am promoting One Tree Hill on behalf of Warner Bros. WBWord division.

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