One Tree Hill Props

Fans of One Tree Hill, here’s your chance to win these official props from their set.

To win let me know What does these items from the series mean to you? Place your comments below.

Contest ends March 7 at 10pm

Plus remember the two-hour series finale airs on Wednesday, April 4 at 8/7c on The CW

Disclosure: “I am promoting One Tree Hill on behalf of Warner Bros. WBWord division.”

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  1. Carrie Ladd says

    These items will always remind me of my favorite show. A show that I could really relate to at the time it aired with characters who are very much like me. These will always be great memories!

  2. crystal knudsen says

    These items mean that one of the best shows ever is coming to an end, lukes book, alexs pic from cloths over bros, karens signs from running against dan for mayor, all, happen to be huge milestones for this show! My heart brakes that its almost over but how cool would it be to hold on to a little pice of one tree hill! I would love to win these and will charish them forever one tree hill will always live on!

  3. Brittany Frintner says

    These items remind me of when my son was born. Right before I had him I watched One Tree Hill DVDs over and over. CW was also one of the only tv channels we had and I always made sure that I never missed an episode! Definitely one of my favorite shows!!

  4. Megan Parker says

    My favorite item above is absolutely Lucas’ novel, The Comet. Lucas & Peyton had that true love that doesn’t die, even if you try and bury it with other things, and they eventually found their way back to each other. The book is so symbolic of that, and it is ultimately what brought them back together because had it not been for that book, especially the title, Lindsay wouldn’t have backed out of the wedding and Lucas would have married her instead of Peyton. One Tree Hill has been a huge part of my life, as I started watching with the Pilot episode when I was in high school and now I’m finishing up 2 years out of grad school. That’s a huge growing period in a person’s life, where you really learn who you are, and the lessons in OTH are a big part of me today

  5. Leann Hanson says

    First, this is the best giveaway I have ever seen!! <3 <3 I have watched tree hill since day one. I am such a huge fan- I kick my boyfriend out of the house on wednessdays so he doesnt ruin it for me. (he always makes comments that im too old to watch) He is crazy! I'm team Nathan even though i started watching the show because of Chad Michael Murray. (he was on dawsons creek-my fave show before Tree hill) I always wanted to be an extra on this show, but i unfortunately never made it to NC! This would be the most amazing gift ever! I would treasure this stuff—i am a crazy crazy tree hill fan! My girlfriend and I actually looked into having Ravens cheerleading jackets made for us!! lol…i sound like a crazy-super fan!! I AM A SUPER FAN..BUT i'm NOT crazy …i swear!!! :)Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  6. Tiffany Sparks says

    These could be added to the complete DVD set that I am going to put up for my kids and grand-kids to see in the future. So when I tell them that I was so obsessed with the show that I never missed and episode and made them play the tv with One Tree Hill when I delivered my son because it was a season finale. Totally committed and love the story line and fabulous characters.

  7. Danielle Nelson says

    I have been in love with the show since the first season. I am so sad that it is ending. My favorite item is the book. I would love to read it. I want to become a writer. It was due to watching Lucas having his heart set on being a writer and then pursuing his dream.

  8. Nguyen says

    I have grown up watching this show and feel like i grew up with the characters. I loved how the show evolved and these props represent so much. I loved how Lucas wrote the book about Peyton without even realizing what the true meaning behind it was. The quotes they said from the book were so well written. I can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end.

  9. Britt says

    I have watched OTH from the beginning and it will always remind me of college – the people that would watch it together and bond over these stories that were told on the tv. I’m sad to see it end.

  10. Sylvia Mallon says

    Not only have I watched OTH since day one BUT I am one of the reasons why the show is even on the air! A few months before the show ever aired, I participated in a focus group which required me to watch the pilot episode of a new show. I was to take the VHS tape home, watch it and then report o what I thought and whether I would watch the show. The show of course was OTH! I LOVED it from the get go and I reported this to the company doing the research. I couldn’t wait to see if the show made it on air. Lo and behold – a few months later there it was! I’ve been the biggest fan ever since day one. I feel like I’ve gotten to know all the characters so well and that I’ve “been through” so much with them. I will be so sad to see this show go. I’d love to win this giveaway to have something to remind me of this show that we all know and love!

  11. Peter Andrews says

    Nine years ago I was just starting out my first year of high school, getting used to all the changes, not really knowing what to expect in the years ahead. A few days passed and I sat infront of my television to do some school assignments and I saw a promo for some show. Now, I never watched any serialized TV before, only sports and stuff of that genre, never anything scripted other than films, but I don’t know, something about this promo just grabbed me. I wrote down the date on a piece of paper and remembered at the last minute, Sept 23rd, Tree Hill premiere. I loved the pilot. Everything about it, the music, the cast, everything is just in sync with that first 42 minutes. Anyway… long story short, I’ve loved this show since the first promo aired, and I’m gonna continue to love it for a long long time. Glad it went on 9 years, we’ve all grown up, I’m somewhat the same and completely different since it premiered, it’s crazy. Congrats to whoever wins! Not sure I made this post in time. Farewell OTH.

  12. Brooke says

    To me each of these props have such a meaning. Basically anything from One Tree Hill holds a specialty to my heart. One Tree Hill was there for me when no one else was. My parents were never there for me so I knew I had the consistency of each episode of One Tree Hill each week. To me, these characters are real people. When the show ends a part of me will die. I’m not sure I’ll ever get the part back of my heart that I’ll lose when the show ends. This show has been a part of my life more then most of my friends have been, and longer. One Tree Hill saved my life, many times. Not many can understand how a TV show can “save your life”. But there were times when I saw no point in living and wanted to end it all, but then One Tree Hill would be sitting there for me to watch and remember that there is someone out there for everyone and it would give me hope. Hope that someday I would find the peace in this world I was looking for. Hope that no matter how horrible things are they will get better. Hope that all evil people get their punishment in the end. This show is my world and to have something to hold onto for the rest of my life from the set would be the best thing ever. So, I beg of you, pick me. (:

  13. ashley aljets says

    One Tree Hill got me through high school, and college. I have been a loyal fan from the beginning, growing to know these characters almost like family. The topics covered in the show were so personal and helped mold me into an adult. The book Lucas wrote for peyton was a true romance. Those episodes taught me that if things are meant to be they will always find a way. I was going through a very dark time when Karen’s character showed strength and willingness to move forward. Her character was inspirational. The ad for clothes over bros means the most because even though Alex was the most hated person in tree hill she overcame it all and became a better person despite her faults. Trust me, if these props could talk, the stories they would tell would be out of this world! OTH may be ending but this is a series that can inspire generations to come!

  14. michele fleeger says

    I started watching oth when my daughter was a baby and didn’t sleep. I would dvr it and watch it while I was nursing her :). I remember the book comet was about peyton bc her car was a comet and clothes over bros is brookes fashion line. Lucases mom Karen ran for mayor against Dan (lucases Dad). She lost but he went to prison lol!! I have every season on dvd and now my daughter watches the new ones w me. It’s funny how when I watch the older ones it reminds me if my life at that time :). It goes too fast. My daughter would love these items too. They will always remind us of our precious time together.

  15. kristen t says

    these items from the show mean alot to me because i started watching it in 2007 after my husband left and i was about 4 years out of high school just like the show was, and i felt lost just like Peyton did. The book the comet meant alot because the way Lindsay described what lucas said in the book was exactly how i felt at the time about the comet bringing meaning to his life, and he wished everyday it would come back to him. I cried everytime i watched the show, and i caught up on all the old episodes and still it continues to be my favorite show for so many reasons. My husband(we worked things out) has a kid with someone else that is vvery close in age with my daughter just like lucas and nathan were, 3 monhs apart and the show helped me deal with the situation and understand i’m not the only person in the world going through this.

  16. Sherry B says

    The props would remind me of an awesome show which I hate to see come to an end. I went on a road trip with my niece, daughter and sister to Wilmington, NC and was able to see where OTH is filmed. Watching now has a different meaning as I see places I have actually seen and walked the streets and sidewalks. The cover photo on my profile was actually taken of the sunset over Cape Fear River with The River Court in the background. Maybe I’m older than most OTH fans, but I love it!

  17. debbie johnson says

    when karen was on the show she gave it a touch of class. the battle between her and dan kept you coming back. besides i no longer live in wilmington it is my home town.

  18. Mandi Taylor says

    These are such great items from this show. We love watching One Tree Hill, we will be sorry to see it go, but glad we can still watch it over and over.

  19. Elise says

    Ok seriously go to my facebook pg and you will see I started a “Don’t cancel One Tree Hill” pg! My husband used to hate going to tivo something and couldn’t because it was full of every single episode. I have recently been spending my days watching the reruns on tv! I can recite most of the episodes word for word. One Tree Hill is my #2 all time tv show (sorry but 90210 will always be 1st) Please pick me, you honestly have no idea how much it would mean to me! Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

  20. Alayna says

    Oh I love One Tree Hill… takes me back to the high school craziness that I loathed and loved all at the same time.

    Now that there’s a triple play on SoapNet every day I get to have all the one tree hill I can handleTHIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

  21. Serena B says

    I love OTH! I feel as if I’ve grown up with them. I started watching when I was the age of the cast. It’s almost as if they have become family. I’ve been to Wilmington NC to see where the show took place. My cousin and i even signed the wall of Trick just above Sophia Bush’s message. Even got to meet Tyler Hilton and see a large majority of the cast at the Soap Box. After seeing where it all took place I rewatched every season just to see what I was able to see in person in the show. I’ve related to the characters and watched them fail and succeed in many different ways. I would love to have the props from this show. It’s one of the few I have had interest in keeping up with. I’m so sorry to see this show go! We will miss you OTH!

  22. michelle king says

    WOW! I am sad OTH is coming to an end very sad! I have grown up with this show it started when i was in high school and i loved it then and when they were grown having kids and trying to figure out who they were as adults so was I. This season has been a roller coaster but i think the last episode will be amazing and i think once it ends i am going to watch the whole series over again! I will miss OTH very much!

  23. Courtney says

    9 years came to an end tonight. I will admit I cried probably 20 times during the finale. I’ve been a fan since the first episode and I’m now 26 years old. I’ve grown with them, laughed with them and cried with them. In high school, I didnt have many friends, and in some way watching OTH made me feel not so alone. Tonight I said goodbye to my friends throughout these years and feel as if my life has grown with theirs. I Live in Indiana and was in no way able to make it to Wilmington for the auction. One of these props would mean so much to me.

  24. Olivia DiMattio says

    Lucas Scott’s book, The Comet, is a representation of a love story that I have followed for so very long. The story of Lucas and Peyton. The story of a boy who saw the comet. I can’t truly put into words my adoration for this show, for the cast, for the story lines, for the music, and for the overall message that watching left me with, but I can tell you that Tree Hill feels like home. It has since day one. Since the pilot. I have been a fan since that day, I have visited Wilmington, I have shared my love for this show with friends who have grown with me as the show progressed. Tonight was a very sad night, especially without my two favorite characters and my favorite love story. But even without them, the story of The Comet and An Unkindness of Ravens rings from seasons passed, from years passed. These are our friends. These are our loved ones. These are the stories we remember. These are the songs that we will hear throughout our lives and remind us of those special 9 seasons where the lives of Tree Hill kept us hoping – kept us inspired. I can’t tell you how much these props would mean to me. But I can tell you that there truly is only one Tree Hill. It’s my home. It’s your home. And despite not having all the words to describe the beautiful show that it is and has been – we all share one common thing – our hearts are always in Tree Hill. Thanks for watching with me and for all the memories. xo

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