Oh, how I love to shop!

I love to shop but taking pictures of my groceries and remembering to post them is a big problem. This site is about doing it your way. I mean shopping to save. I coupon shop by ordering my coupons, looking at the match up on the store lists tab on this very site. Then I go to the store and listen to the beep as my total dwindles. I have a blueberry factor which means no matter what they cost it isn’t a factor. I spend $125.00 a week. I spend almost every penny each week. If my total is below I will splurge on an extra special dinner or treat. I figure 1 year and 7 months ago I was spending over $200 a week and I had one less mouth to feed and one less bottom to diaper. I think saving is great but where you spend your savings matters most. I spend my savings on my children’s future education by investing in prepaid college funds and I am currently paying back a car loan to our account. I wish I had time to cut my coupons because I would save even more but I also work part-time for a software application company and full-time as a stay at home mom. I say do what you can every little bit helps.

This is from last week. I hit Harris Teeter and Sam’s club… I lost the receipt between then and now. I know I spent $124.67.

I stock piled shrimp and I bought our eggs and veggies for two weeks. I also got steak, chicken, a huge bag of pepperoni, fish, and fruit.

I hit Giant and Kroger. I had to go to Giant and spend my $5.00 from a couple of weeks ago. I also had to stock up on baby food again. It ends up being $.25 a package with the $.75 coupon that doubles for two packs. They are $1.00 each so $2.00-$1.50= $.25 per pack.

I had to stock up on my meat. I bought ribs, chicken, ground beef, Kielbasa, pot roast, and bacon. I also bought more wipes at $1.60 a pack and diapers and formula. I still have veggies from last week but I had to buy more blueberries!

Giant $39.55  Saved $38.27

Kroger $58.96  Saved $22.51

Total spent: $98.51  total saved: $60.78  total left: $26.41 ( I will use this to stockpile more items.. just waiting for my coupons to come or for ingredients to make holiday treats)

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