Office Depot: WorkLife Rewards Program


I went to Office Depot for some items today and signed up for their rewards program; WorkLife Rewards. It is no charge to sign-up. You will get 10% back on ink and paper purchases and 1% back on other purchases. The great part is, I just checked my e-mail and they sent me a $10/$50 purchase coupon! I also received a $10/$40 coupon at the end of my receipt today. If you need printer ink or you purchase a lot of office or school supplies, I suggest you run into Office Depot and take advantage of the savings!

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  1. LeAnn says

    If you are a teacher, you can sign up to be part of their Star Teacher Rewards Program. No charge to sign-up and you can use the card when you are purchasing items for your classroom or for personal use. Similar percentages off, I believe, to the WorkLife Rewards program. You also get coupons in the mail for particular products, etc. Hope this is helpful. There is a similar program at Staples.

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