Noshes: A Little Help & 100 Cut Coupons (CLOSED)

Both my husband and I work jobs where we bring something to eat during our work shift.  A full meal doesn’t usually fit the bill so we pack what we call “noshes.” defines “nosh” as:

a snack. (From German via Yiddish.) :  I don’t want a nosh. I need a whole meal.

It’s origin is from Yiddish nashn “nibble,” from M.H.G. naschen, from O.H.G. hnascon, nascon “to nibble,” from P.Gmc. *khnaskwajanan. Earlier as a noun (1917) meaning “a restaurant,” short for nosh-house.

At this point, our dilemma is we are tired of taking the same things to nosh on all the time.   Here’s a quick list of our typical noshes:  peanut butter crackers, celery, cheese cubes, pretzels, Pop Tarts, chocolate miniatures, pepperoni slices, cup-a-soup, bananas, clementines, and whatever leftovers we might have in the fridge.

I’m going to ask our readers to comment and give us their suggestions for noshes.  To make this interesting, we’ll throw in a contest for 100 cut coupons.  The winner will be randomly chosen from the comments on Tuesday, January 17th at 10pm.

Help us out here … our noshes have become boring and we need to spice things up a bit!     



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  1. Marguerite Miller says

    Hard boiled eggs are easy and quick and will give you the protein you need! And so will almonds or nuts and raisins!

    How about a salad? With a protein source like grilled chicken or eggs! They can easily be packed the night before (dressing on the side).

    And making a little extra dinner at night will make for easy leftovers to be packed and ready!

  2. Angi N. says

    Have many but one of our family favs is tuna melts ( you can sub any meat). I use tuna , left over chicken or turkey…Mix with mayo, sour crm, onion, lemon pepper, banana peppers & shredded chesse. mix , roll in flour tortillia, bake 10mins, cut into 2in pcs. Great Snack, lunch. Nosh…: ( cilatro, celery , apples , grn pepper ect ect… can be added ) . Basically you can add anything your heart desires. Great use for leftovers. Any where frm roast &horsey sauce to pork loin & bbq . We tend to love the tuna though. Just whatever is there , quick & easy!!!

  3. says

    My wife and daughter buy those new healthy choice fresh mixers for lunches. You just add water up to the line and cook them in the microwave. They have many pasta and rice dishes to choose from. The great thing about them is that they are not very big so are not really a meal. More like a good size snack. You can get them cheap at target and they always have coupons.

  4. Christine says

    How about an old standby….pigs in a blanket?? Or maybe make some smores…you can make them in the microwave…and they are YUMMY!!

  5. mholske123 says

    veggies sticks, protien bars, cheese and crackers, hummus and pretzels/ crackers, sliced apples with the jiffy single serve peanut butters.

  6. Tamara Walker says

    We love taking whole wheat tortillas and sprinkling cheese on them. Microwave it for 30ish seconds, add you favorite salsa, and roll it up like a burrito. My husband also likes to add some refried beans. Sometimes I will also add sour cream. Also, my son loves yogurt.

  7. Sylvia says

    Noshes that I can think of are, Crackers and square cheese, banana chips, dried cranberries, carrots, sunflower seeds, and apples.

  8. janet h says

    Here are some things I used to pack for work/school: soy beans, sandwiches, ritz crackers w/ ham and cheese, ham and cheese tortilla (microwave after), i buy already cooked chicken and cheese and make a quesadilla, fruit salad, granola bars, spam and eggs with rice or a sandwich, broccoli and cheese, ham and cheese salad, pasta and ham and tomato sauce, beef stew on top of rice. I eat on a budget because I am still a student, but I still try to eat semi-healthy.

  9. alexis p says

    Tuna is a good idea if of course you like it. I always took an orange and apple. Also beef jerky is one of my favorite snacks or a jar of nuts. If you have access to a microwave my we just started buying my hubby these bowls from Marie callenders that are good and cheap.

  10. Donna George says

    Pitas are my favorite way to nosh. Open that sucker up and let go! Keep a bag of spinach on hand, add tuna, lunch meat, cheeses, veggies, leftovers from the night before, squirt some spicy brown mustard in there. You got a nosh that will keep you happy for a while. You could also use the pita bread for dipping into a bowl of chili, or make some quick and easy spinach dip or for some chicken salad. Hummus is easy to make and goes really well with pits – toasted and untoasted, plus it keeps well in the fridge.

  11. Chelsea says

    I like to have popcorn for a snack, or fruit snacks,or the lean cuisine snacks, or nutella with banana on pita bread, my 4 yr old loves trail mix and beef jerky… Hope this helps a bit!

  12. Janet Jackson says

    cheese its, uncle ben’s microwave rice packets, vienna sausages, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, carrots, apple slices

  13. Amy Brewer says

    My hubby takes chex mix in a baggie to work for a snack. He also sometimes takes beef jerky and the cheese/beef packs that he gets from the store that come together. On rare occasions he will ask me to pick him up some mixed nuts cause he says they do hit the spot sometimes.

  14. Melissa C says

    My favorite snack is yogurt with grapenuts. Gives you the sweet and something crunchy LOL. Even got my husband hooked!

  15. mell m says

    Raisins, beef jerkey sticks, roasted unsalted peanuts, fresh pineapple chunks, amall apple (sliced) with 1-2 tbsp peanut butter, greek yogurt, toasted and spiced pumpkin seeds, any seasonal fruit, and edamame.

  16. Pamela Carroll Neese says

    Ideas that are quick,easy and tasty are:Pita bread with homemade chicken salad or tuna salad with lettuce,tomato and cheese, Yogurt with granola stirred in,Homemade chicken strips with honey mustard or ranch dressing,Homemade trail mix (you can add the goodies you enjoy),Dried Fruit Chips,Homemade Fruit Salad,Homemade Spinach dip with wheat crackers or corn chips,Homemade Cream Cheese Spread(delicious) with a variety of crackers,Granola Bars,Protein Bars,Fruit,Nutra Grain Bars,Breakfast Bars,Beef Jerky,Pretzels,Mixed Nuts,Cucumbers and Tomatoes with vinegar and oil. These are ideas I have used when I worked and for my children and husband. Good Luck on finding some new,appealing ideas! 🙂

  17. Kim Bowler says

    How about a trail mix? You can make your own, nuts dried berries, raisins even M and Ms. Fruit and jello are always a good bet as well.

  18. Cassandra Holdeman says

    Our favorite noshes are pretzels with peanut butter for dipping, veggies with hummus, and budding ham spread with cream cheese and then rolled around a dill pickle (weird, but tasty).

  19. Alice says

    We like yogurt with fresh fruit and a little granola sprinkled on top, whole grain crackers with cheese slices, roasted almonds and dried fruits.

  20. caroline garner says

    If you have a container with divided compartments you could put fruit pieces on toothpicks like mini kababs (getting this from a kids’ snack I made for a child development class but used pretzel sticks for them), put some yogurt (we used strawberry) in a different compartment, and granola, raisins, sunflower seeds… in another compartment. Dip the fruit in the yogurt then into topping of your choice for a quick, healthy snack.

    Choose a tortilla (regular, whole grain, spinach..) and spread cream cheese on top (you can also use ranch or hummus) leaving about a 1/2 in-1 in blank spot on one side. Top with deli meat, cheese, veggies, or even some fruits of your choice, put a good amount of cream cheese on the “blank space” you left to act as glue, and roll it up towards the “glue”. Press it together so it stays shut, then cut into pinwheels. Serve plain or with ranch.

    I’ve also had the thin lunch meat (we’ve used ham, turkey, and chicken) wrapped around a pickle with a small slice of cheese in it (we used cheddar, colby jack..) and it’s awesome! I’ve never tried it with cream cheese though.

    Pudding, banana pudding, “dirt”…

  21. Aleesa says

    Yogurt, cheese, almonds, peanuts, pretzels, cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, heat up a tortilla with turkey and cheese on it and roll it up, clementines, strawberries, blueberries, nutri grain bars

  22. Lorrie (pinklady705) says

    I am in the same position as far as not needing a full meal. Some things I’ve tried so far: popcorn, protein bars, tuna packet, yogurt (could add some granola), dried kale, various dried fruits, cut up carrots & cucumbers, turkey slices, various healthy chips (like Beanitos, which are made from black beans but have the look and texture of tortilla chips), nutella or peanut butter to dip veggies or crackers in, and edamame.

  23. says

    Some of our favorites are toasted bagel thins with cream cheese or jam, rolled turkey slices with cream cheese, yogurt with granola, smoothie made with yogurt and fresh fruit.

  24. Holly M. says

    I always try to make my snacks protein and “good” carbs to feel satisfied longer. Things like cheese and whole grain crackers, peanut butter with apple slices, etc.

  25. Erika Beard says

    Anything healthy, cheese snacks, yogurt, fruit or veggies with light dip, fruit & grain bars, and healthy cookies like fig bars. 🙂

  26. kate tetreault says

    i tend to pack my dad either 1 of those hormel complete “meals” that only take 90 seconds in the microwave or i make him hummus and taboule on a tortilla (also taste good with cottage cheese with it) both r not enough to fill him but just enough to hold him over untill he gets home from work for dinner

  27. Cryssi says

    I take a packet of oatmeal to make some days. Others, it’ll be a mini snack wrap made at home with leftover meat or lunchmeat, cheese and some veggies. I like the Dole frozen fruit cups, because they can sit on my table at work and be thawed by my break. Sometimes, I just take a baggie of dry cereal to snack on.

  28. Lisa S. says

    We keep a Sam’s Club sized can of mixed nuts around – protein will help fill you up so you don’t feel the need to nosh so much. 🙂

    I also mix cottage cheese with a little bit of powdered Jello mix for flavor. Nobody here will eat it on its own, but with the strawberry or orange flavor, it disappears quickly.

    Ditto the tortilla with melted cheese and the apples with peanut butter (mmm…. more protein!) I also make mini pizzas on english muffins and freeze them on a baking sheet, then transfer to a ziplock bag. Half an english muffin pizza is more than enough to hold the troops over until the next meal.

    A baked (well, let’s face it, microwaved) baked potato topped with leftover/canned chili or broccoli & cheese is usually my “late lunch” when I don’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner.

  29. Brandi Price says

    My fave is little finger sandwiches made with an applebutter and peanutbutter mix! Sweet- applebutter, protien- peanutbutter, and filling- bread!

  30. Andrea Reynolds says

    I take half a bagel, and place some cut cheddar cheese on it. Microwave for thirty seconds, and it is an awesome nosh. It also works great with Italian bread or English Muffins.
    Granola bars are a great convenience item, and has the ability to go anywhere.
    For a healthier option I love frozen grapes. They are great for the office, so if they have defrosted a little they are still wonderful.
    Popcorn flavored with a little smoked paprika and olive oil is super yummy, but not a great idea when you need to be parked at your computer. Greasy keyboards are disgusting.

  31. says

    I am a major nosher. I rarely eat regular meals. After going through chemo, really have no appetite, but knowing I need to eat, will snack. My familys favorite is for me to take all opened (still fresh) bags of chips, pretzels, etc. and combine them together. I usually add nuts for protein. For the grandkids I add raisins and fruit chips. Excellent way to use what is opened before it goes stale. You can also add cereals to this. what i like is that we have no waste and a variety of snacks at once. that way, although it is the same snack mix, you won’t overlaod on just 1 snack.

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