NOse Offense Odor Neutralizing Spray Review with 15% Off Coupon

NOse Offense Odor Neutralizing Spray…

A few weeks ago we were asked to review a product for Jamie, the co-founder of NOse Offense Pet Products. Jamie was so excited to share her new product with us. Fortunately for me, my dog Spankie does not have an odor problem, so I was left in a bit of a pickle as to how to try out this new product. My mobile dog groomer, Stephanie came by to groom Spankie and I asked her if she would be willing to take the product and give it a try. After all, who better to try out
an odor neutralizing spray for pets than a dog groomer? Stephanie was excited to try the spray for a few weeks and let me know how it worked for her.

After the two weeks were over, Stephanie was happy to report that the NOse Offense odor neutralizing spray worked great. She owns 2 large great danes and a few other dogs who often times as she put it just stink. Noting that their bedding and the area they sleep is smelly and that her husband is not a fan of the smell, she sprayed the area and almost immediately the smell was gone. Her husband was amazed and happy that not only was the smell gone but there was no perfume lingering in the air; it was crisp and clean, just like it should be. Stephanie has also used the product in her grooming van and even on her own uniform. After working all day Stephanie is glad that she can eliminate the offensive dog smell from her clothes before she comes to preschool (where I work) to pick up her son or stop by the grocery
store. NOse Offense can also be sprayed on a cloth and gently rubbed onto your pet to get rid of unwanted pet body odor.

Nose Offense Odor Neutralizing Spray can be purchased online by clicking here.  Jamie also shared with me that customers who follow Madame Deals can get a 15% discount on their first order by typing in the code: korner15 when placing your order.

~Karla Robey
For Madame Deals

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  1. Jane says

    love this! i just tried it a few weeks ago and it works so well! ill be sure to use coupon to stock up :) thanks!

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