No More Double Coupons at Kroger



Alert Kroger Shoppers New Coupon Policy Change

Sad news for Kroger shoppers, it has been confirmed that Kroger Mid-Atlantic region, which includes North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and small part of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio will no longer double the value of manufacturer coupons up to 50 cents. They will only accept manufacturer coupons, digital and targeted mailer coupons at face value. This new coupon policy change will be taking effect on May 12th.

According to the news, with the elimination of the double coupon policy, Kroger is rolling out their new lower prices program throughout their stores and will still continue to hold sales, loyalty-card savings, and fuel rewards program.

Early this year, other Kroger stores have already discontinued their double coupons promo. Mid-Atlantic region now joins Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Texas and California with the no double coupon policy.

What do you think of this change? Leave your comments below.

Check out Kroger Coupon Policy

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  1. Karla says

    This may change my shopping routine…It may not be worth my 20 minute trip to town if I can get what I need at Food Lion which is 5 minutes from my house if I am not saving as much at Kroger. I love Kroger but it may not be worth my gas money to go there as often…I am disappointed.

  2. Heather Perry says

    I agree with Karla – I routinely shop Kroger for the double coupons and gas points. While the gas points are helpful, I am not sure that it will help to justify the drive into town. 🙁

  3. Mary R. says

    Our Kroger was one of the first to be affected. I live in a small town in KY, bordering Ohio. We are priced in the Cincinnati, O region. Our prices have always been higher than KY region stores. I have been shopping the specials and then going to WalMart or Save A Lot. Most of the items I buy are somewhat cheaper and the coupons are now the same value. Kroger has lost my loyalty. Their low pricing is a joke. It hasn’t helped me much.

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