No Boobs at Breakfast

There is a time a place for your breast to be exposed. The time is when you are not at a business conference while people are eating. I understand your child needs to eat.  In fact, I fed my children the same way. The difference is my boob was not hanging out at breakfast or at any meal. It is both inappropriate and unprofessional to expose yourself in a public place during a business event. The place for feeding your child is anywhere with proper cover. I believe your breasts are a personal thing and I do not wish to see them.  You can call me a prude but I do believe that as a professional you need to act as such and your boob belongs under your shirt. I hope I can stomach my meal now and enjoy Blissdom.


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  1. says

    Are you actually making the argument that an infant should not be able to eat while you’re eating? Isn’t that what meal time is for? My stance is and always will be that BFing is an anywhere/anytime activity. The only thing that should dictate an infant’s feeding is the infant.

    The only thing that makes me pause about your post is that it’s a business conference. If the conference is in any way supportive of families, it shouldn’t matter at all that a baby needs to eat.

    Boobs are for feeding children. I sincerely doubt that mother was specifically thinking “I wonder how many people I can make uncomfortable by feeding my child right now.” The only thing she was concerned about was her child’s hunger and comfort.

    • Camiele says

      I don’t this Amee was saying that the child should not eat. She was just saying that the mother needed to cover her breast and act in a professional manner. Use a cover, that’s all. Nobody’s saying don’t feed your child because it’s making me uncomfortable. I’m all for breast feeding, but I most certainly don’t want to see your boob out. Use a cover. Use a cover.

    • madamedeals says

      I have fed all three of my children but I did not expose myself. I agree that breast feeding is a wonderful but it is also private between you and your child

  2. Ms M says

    There is a place for everything, if you are a public breakfast excuse yoursefl and feed your infant. I do not need to see anyones breasts. Infants need to eat as much as they need a new diaper, would you then put them down on the chair next to you and give them a new diaper? no. People need to be reminded that in our freedoms and in our choices we must always show consideration.

    Freedom isn’t an excuse to burden other people with your choices.

    cover those boobies up…

      • Ms M says

        To some its just as offensive. I’m not say either is. What I’m trying to explain is that in everything we do we have to show common courtesy

        • Scheree Coleman says

          You’ve got to be kidding me! Honestly,people who are offended at someone breastfeeding in public need to grow up. Look away. Is there not anywhere else for you to look? Some of us that breastfed had babies who would take our cover off! They apparently don’t want to be covered up while they eat. Imagine that?! Are there not PLENTY of women around in public who dress provacatively and we’re embarrassed? What do we do then? We look away. If we want to get wound up about anything how about the women who just show too much period?? I could get offended at the beach or waterpark , but I just look away. If it were as simple as a woman actually breastfeeding her child I would honestly be relieved.

  3. Karla Robey says

    If you all read what she said you will see that she (and I) totally agree with breastfeeding. I fed my son for nearly a year, however, there is a proper way to do it and exposing your breasts in public is inappropriate. Keeping yourself covered while feeding your baby is not a difficult thing to do and is the respectful thing to do. Let’s keep this conversation on the actual topic…thanks.

  4. Sandra W. says

    As a breastfeeding mother I’m offended. My child’s comfort comes first and as such he deserves to eat anywhere and at any time. If someone doesn’t like that they don’t have to look in my general direction. It’s not like I’m making a spectacle of myself. I quietly move my shirt out of the way for the baby to eat. Most people won’t even notice. I think the breastfeeding covers just make the whole thing more awkward and draw more attention to what’s happening. If there were something wrong with this, our rights as breastfeeding mothers would not be protected by federal and state laws.

  5. Scheree Coleman says

    So did this lady take her shirt and bra off and dangle around a bit for you to watch? I’m just wondering, is there no way you can look somewhere else so this good mama can give her child what he/she needs for a few minutes? Hats off to the good mama for not shoving a bottle of formula in the baby’s mouth. Good for her for doing what’s best for her baby regardless of what others say or make her feel self-conscious about. Educate yourselves people.

  6. says

    Totally agreed! We all support breastfeeding, it’s natural, normal and completely fine! But boobs are a private thing and it’s SO easy to keep covered and be respectful while feeding your baby and at the same time, not offending anyone else and/or making them uncomfortable. Of course you can do whatever you want at home, but in public, and especially at a business meeting, just simply keep covered!

  7. Jeanne Medina says

    I completely disagree. I think that people who feel squeamish at the sight of a mother and child engaged in nourishing, the way God designed them to do so, are suffering from a cultural perversion. Racism used to be the norm in this country, but many people fought to overcome that.

    A grandmother once told my mother, that having been raised in the South, she would feel sick at her stomach, if a black man were seated at her table. But after hearing a sermon, my Methodist minister father gave that Sunday morning, after the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., asserting that people who were racially prejudiced, should not consider themselves truly Christian, she felt ashamed of her feelings, and hoped that her baby grandson might be raised with different values, and feel the same way when he grew up.

    Financial greed is the root of why women have been convinced for generations to give up their God-given nurturing relationship with their children, and to hide their breasts (except when they serve as sex toys for men). If the sight of breasts in the act of nursing, were a more common sight than the sexy cleavage we see thrust in front of us daily in the media, then business and lunch would proceed without pause, because no one would notice or care.

  8. Jeanne Medina says

    I also must add, that it is not easy or recommended to cover a child’s head while nursing, any more that it would be easy or recommended for you to cover your head with a blanket while you try to eat your lunch.

  9. Margot Core says

    I’m sort of gobsmacked that you could be at the Blissdom conference and that you only encountered one breast-feeding baby. I would have thought they would have been lining the corridors. As Jeanne Medina says in her comment, the idea that the child should be under a blanket while he/she nurses is ridiculous and not recommended. Plus that stuff about not being able to digest your lunch (like you were nauseated by the the sight of a mother nursing her child) that’s drifting into Freudian territory.

  10. Aaron says

    It is a wonderful thing if you are able to breastfeed your baby. It’s statistically almost always healthier. The only thing is that if you do this in public, expect random people to stare at your breasts, which is likely to happen…mainly guys. Not that guys are trying to be creepy(ok, some guys plain are creepy), but most guys just have a natural attraction to the feminine figure, especially that area. I personally think if women can’t show their tops in public, guys shouldn’t either. But that’s kind of going off topic…sorry.

  11. Anna says

    I agree-cover up-people have become so nonchalant about everything that manners have just gone out the window-being respectful of others..gone! I remove myself from the area if I have to blow my nose, talk on the phone, etc., – I was raised to believe that it is being respectful of the people around you!!

  12. says

    I am the mother of four breastfed babies.I do however totally agree with you. God did in fact give us the ability to feed our children anywhere and anytime it is necessary. Plopping those suckers out at the table in front of total strangers is so wrong. Yes, we do “have the right” but please use descretion for God’s sake. I don’t want to see you do anything else that is considered “natural” either. I would consider you to be taking away my right to eat and enjoy my own lunch/breakfast by exposing your private parts at the table. I never used covers because my children did not like them. I did however excuse myself to share the time with my child in a comfortable chair out of the direct eye of on-lookers. Yes, it is our right to feed our baby…it is also the right of others to enjoy their time. Please be respectful of everyone.

  13. Kim Withers says

    This is such a hot topic and I don’t think there will ever be a right or wrong answer. It has to do with what people are comfortable with. It’s an opinion-oriented discussion so the only solution will be compromise. My personal opinion is that a nursing mom should use discretion while in the company of strangers.

  14. says

    And just think. She’s probably BFing at Breakfast thinking – “Oh my, just wait until I get done here and get to my computer where I can blog about all these people starring at my rudely while I BF.” SHe may just have a post out there about this just the opposite of yours. =)

  15. nickie says

    I support the idea of public feeding, with proper cover. I also dislike women just “whipping” boobs out because the feel comfortable, doing so. There are boundries and rules in facide of life, that should be respected.

  16. Julie says

    I support BFing in public, however I do feel that covering up would be best. Especially considering if you are in a public place where children could possibly be at, I know that is something I wouldn’t want my child to be gawking at.

    • Amber says

      I would WANT my child to see that breastfeeding is the normal, natural, best way to feed a child. I am more uncomfortable with my child seeing babies being bottle-fed… should you have to hide your child being fed with a bottle because I do not want my child exposed to your bottle?

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