New Year's Resolution: Save Money!!

Madame Deals Coupon Solution

The easiest way to do this is, use coupons to buy what you are already buying!! Pay less; it really is that easy. This weekend I ran into Rite Aid and bought 2 packages of Stay Free products, 2 Nivea lip care products, 1 Listerine, and two packages of light bulbs. How much did I pay? Well, $2.00 for the light bulbs and $3.00 for the Listerine and some tax. The best part is I submitted my rebate and aside from the tax, I got all of the above for FREE! You read right FREE! I used the Rite Aid list that Renae provides each week. I printed it out. Then I got my coupons out of my Madame Deals Coupon Solution and off I went to get my FREE stuff!

If you feel like you do not have time to clip, I often feel the same way. So I go to the MY COUPON HUNTER Link on our page and I order mine.. They come sorted and cut. Yes, I pay a couple of cents each but I feel like the benefit outweighs the cost!!!


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