New this Month Amee and Renae document our shopping trips

August 1 Amee's food lion trip

August 1 Amee's food lion trip

Okay so you asked for it and we do listen to you. We decided that we are going to document our grocery store trips. We are like you some weeks we spend more and some weeks we spend less. It depends on the deals and stock pile opportunities.

Here is my Food Lion Trip
Spent $57.14 Saved $53.24 close to 50% off
The first thing I did was use my post on foodlion which linked me to HERE (good News Kathy from the 30 dollar weekly grocery challenge will be doing our Food Lion Deals for you every week!! Yeah!!! She spends only $30.00 a week on her groceries! I am in awe. We welcome and embrace you Kathy)

I printed out my FLIP coupon but I had never used them before you can only use one per transaction. I made a mistake and ended up paying an extra $1.00 on my order today. Oh well! Like I said I am still new to this but learning everyday!

I printed out the rest of the coupons that I would need the fl pasta sauce, fl oat meal, home 360, HI-C, healthy accent coupon

Here are my deals
Enfamil formula $14.95 – $7.00 Manf coupon -$3.00 food lion baby coupon $4.95

HI-C 10 pack $2.00 – $1.00=$1.00

Cantaloup $1.25- $1.00 used my flip coupon final price $.25

Healthy choice meals $1.81 on clearance bought 6 $2.00 CLICK HERE (free hit your back button to print off 2) I didn’t do this because it wasn’t up yet)

FL oatmeal $1.59- $1.00 FL coupon $.59

FL pasta sauce $1.38 each FL coupon is $2 off two final cost $.76 for both

Home 36o YOU CAN USE this on ANY home 360 product I picked flushable wipes( I have a four year old) $1.76- $1.00=$.76

Healthy accent coupon $1 off go to the beauty section this can be used on any Healthy Accent product I selected Epson salt $1.17-$1.00= $.17

Turkey $.99 LB bought $9 LBS planning on making turkey, turkey salad, turkey soup, and one more meal to freeze

FL olive oil $2.87 on sale the name brand was about $6 (we use this instead of butter)

Baby wipes $1.62 (I think) -$1.50 off coupon= $.12

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