New Palace Pets from Build-A-Bear for your little Princess! (Review)

New Palace Pets from Build-A-Bear for your little Princess! (Review)

*Disclosure: I was provided a new Palace Pet from Build-A-Bear to facilitate this review, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂 

Build A Bear


If you have a little princess that loves Cinderella or Ariel then you will want to pop over to your closest Build-A-Bear Workshop and check out the brand new Palace Pets! Cinderella’s Pumpkin is a beautiful white puppy with clothing and accessories that match Cinderella’s perfectly! Treasure is Ariel’s fun loving cat, with fur the same color of Ariel’s hair! My daughters all time favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid so when we got word that Treasure was coming to our local Build-A-Bear Workshop we knew we had to go have an in-store experience of building the all new Palace PetsAnd we wanted to make sure we shared it with you!

Here is how our In-Store visit to make a brand new Palace Pet went:

We always have a great time visiting Build-A-Bear Workshop and this time was no different. They always have great staff that really care about the kids having a good time, and the experience and quality of making a Build-A-Bear is unmatched! For those that have never had the chance to Build a bear in store, here are all the fun things that go into making your perfect furry friend:



Step 1: First, you will want to pick out a friend! Build-A-Bear Workshop has a plethora of bears, and other animals, to delight any child (or adult!) alike! Jaiden knew exactly what she wanted, and was SO excited when she saw Treasure waiting on her!



Step 2: Next, you can pick out a sound for your furry friend! They have animal sounds, theme songs, popular songs and more! Jaiden’s favorite artist is Katy Perry, so she was thrilled when she saw they had “Roar” that she could put in Treasure! They also have fun scents that you can add as well. On our last trip, we chose a Strawberry scent that  smelled awesome, and still does! (Oh, and that bear was made about 6 months ago!!)



Step 3: Now it’s time to really bring your pet to life! The stuffing station are most of the kids I knows favorite part! They get to step on a peddle that starts the stuffing machine. You get to pick the perfect “Huggable” level(how soft or firm it is) , so you know it was really made just for you!



Step 4: After your pet is perfectly huggable, it’s time to pick out a heart! After your child has found the perfect heart, it’s time to kiss it, warm it up and whisper a wish before putting the heart into your new pet!



Step 5: This step is all about the pampering! It’s time to brush and fluff, and make sure your new friend will be perfectly groomed before taking them home! (You can also buy grooming items to take home with you!)


Step 6: The dress up station! Build-A-Bear Workshop has SO many different outfits to choose from! From dresses to costumes, sports outfits and Pjs, there is something that is sure to match perfectly with your childs personality! Treasure had her own special outfit that was made just for her that included a dress, shoes, a crown, and a cute collar! Jaiden loved that the colors matched Ariel’s outfit from the movie!


Step 7: Your last step is to give your new friend a name and get their birth certificate! Jaiden loves that she could name her, and put herself as Treasure’s new owner! We have a special book with all of her Build-A-Bear friends birth certificates at home!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a perfect place to go to allow your child to build their own special friend that is unlike any other! Make sure you visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop Website and Facebook page to keep up with all the new happenings and specials!

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    I love Build a Bear! I’ve only been to an actual store ONCE because we don’t have one super close by. I went when we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. The little guy loved it and so did I. We had so much fun picking one out, building him and dressing him. These are so sweet. I think my nieces would love the Palace Pets. They’re too cute!

  2. says

    My kids love build a bear. I think that they put a heart in them is so sweet. Looks like Jaiden had a great time. I need to take my kids there soon!

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