New Ipad Giveaway

I have heard from many of you that you really want an Ipad. You have some really cool things that you would love to do if you win. I love to pay it forward. I am working hard to build up my email list so I can bring people the deals and experiences they wish to receive. I just finished collaborating on my first eBook which will come out soon. I figure lets celebrate my hard work and you being you!

The rules are simple
1) Sign up for my email and you must confirm the subscription. I would appreciate it if you read my emails I work really hard to bring the best deals to people.


2) This is an email subscription to be notified weekly. We will let you know about our awesome giveaways on the Mission Giveaway. We have a prize each week to win and one to give to a friend. You can read about the Mission Giveaway HERE. (once you submit it will say Madame Deals, INC) I started this event to  to help  my readers be able to share and give to others. It is also where I give back to bloggers we come together to work together each week to bring you these awesome giveaways.



3) Fill out the form below to be entered to win and leave me a comment telling me what you would do with a new ipad.

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Leave me that comment

Event ends July 22nd 11:59pm EST

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  1. Linda S. says

    I would really like to get some software that tests and corrects for imbalances in the body, and it only runs on iPads! I can’t afford to buy BOTH the iPad and the software, so I hope I win an iPad!

  2. Lanie K. says

    Wow if I won an Ipad I would use to for everything. Blog reading, contests, emails, reading, music, drawing, and so much more. Thank you so much for the chance!

  3. Amanda Alvarado says

    Just an FYI on my entry, I am already a member of Savvy Living so I’m not sure how accurate my member # is/was…..

  4. veronica says

    if i won an ipad i would be very grateful!!! I would use it to look up for great deal @Madamedeals and i would use it for school to research homework i may have at that time it would be such a great help:) Thank you so much for this great giveaway and good luck to everyone:)

  5. chattie hale hinkle says

    i would use if for everything i could thanks for the chances to win one :)

  6. says

    My 12 year old special son is dying to have an iPad coz he can play his fave games and chit chat with his friends anywhere and everywhere! So, it will go to him and I hope he will win this! Thanks!

  7. says

    I’d keep the iPad for myself as I have the very first version and would like to upgrade, so I have a camera and I would give my son the old one. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  8. Robin Metzner says

    I would use the IPad to check my email and check Facebook and to watch videos on YouTube.

  9. Gina Thompson says

    I would use an IPAD to save more money and follow MadameDeals! thanks for the chance to win. I receive your email newsletter and I am a meber of the the Savvy Living community – love he Live Chats – so much fun!

  10. Kris says

    I would teach my dad how to use it so he can have it for reading and browsing. he is disabled and is not able to do much anymore.

  11. Cindy says

    I would use it in my job search and practice new programs that might help me in future employment.
    I= Ingenious
    A=Awesome apps
    D=Don’t know how I lived with out it in the first place?

  12. todd says

    i would use the ipad for many things since i cant seem to get on our pc because my kids are always on it…i could really use this…

  13. Paul Pietrzak says

    Since I gave away my last ipad as a gift, I’d love to have one of my own.

  14. Biki says

    I would read, play and surf the net with it. Depending on how versatile it is, I’d also use it to apply for jobs.

  15. Jennifer C. says

    I would love to win! My husband has wanted one and i would love to be able to suprise him with it since he does soo much for me and asks for nothing in return! :)
    Im comment # 664 on the community page!

  16. Anna says

    My husband has an ipad and I do not and I am never allowed to use it and I would
    love to have my own!
    My kids would be able to play and learn on it too

  17. Cynthia Richardson says

    I would replace my old iPad with the new one. I love iPads. I can do everything on them!


  18. Gwyneth says

    I would use the IPAD everyday for EVERYTHING! business, reading, emailing, online shopping

    comment #676

  19. Toni says

    I’d give it to my mom. I have a computer of my own (granted it’s not portable like an iPad), but my mom has nothing. It would be perfect for her to be able to browse, watch videos, and read ebooks with.

  20. alexis p says

    I would use it to do my bills check my email. it would definitely come in handy as of now I do all these things on my phone

  21. mark c says

    i would luv to try an ipad out and see what all it can do, probably use it as a portable pc….
    my comment # on savvy living is replyid=1588249

  22. Teresa says

    I would upgrade my old yet reliable desktop and move into modernization with convenience to surf the web, check FB and of course enter contests.

  23. Kristen Hernandez says

    I would use the new IPAD to keep my family entertained & educated. I hear there are some great apps for children. I would love to have access to something handy that I can use all around the house & while we’re out to keep the kids entertained and ourselves – I think you can keep photos on it as well which would be great!

  24. Doris Calvert says

    Since I have medical issues now this would be so helpful to me for reading books, entering giveaways, social media etc. Would make my life a whole lot easier:)

    Also I am receiving 3 copies of your newsletters for some reason so I unsubscribed to one so waiting to see what happens, do you have any idea as to why?

  25. VALERIE says

    If I had an iPad, I would give it to my daughter to utilize for her classes in college. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome giveaway.

  26. Tina Fruzen says

    I would use my iPad as a cookbook for recipes when I am cooking in the kitchen.

  27. Leslie Galloway says

    I’d use the ipad to read my magazine subscriptions, and to keep the kiddos’ happy when they’re waiting at one another’s practices and games!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  28. Sania Akbar says

    Thanks for giveaway :) i will share this with my hubby, getting married in Jan :)

  29. Stacey R. says

    I would love to win this IPad for my daughter. She’s been wanting one for a while now. I hope to win for her! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  30. Aria H. says

    I would use it for entertainment purposes, probably. Read books and magazines, watch shows and movies, I don’t know what all it does!

  31. Chad D Whiting says

    I would use it to read books, watch movies, play games and keep up with my book library.

    Thanks Amee for this opportunity

  32. Secret Burkheiser says

    I would let my father use it. He is currently on a kidney transplant list. This would occupy his time on one of his many stays in the hospital or while having dialysis. He would love this!!

  33. Judy M says

    I would LOVE an IPAD!! I have always wanted a laptop to take when we are away from home to use and keep up with my Facebook and the many sweeps you sweet ladies have going on all the time!

    Thanks for all you do…..your fans appreciate it!!! Happy 4th!!

  34. Sue says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. If I should win my grandson and I would share it. We would use it for many different things, like reading books, he would play games on it and do school work and I would be able to take it with me so I would’nt have to sit in one spot like I do with my computer. Have a Happy Fourth.

  35. Julianne says

    Would love to win this IPad3. I’d be up to par with my students: gaming, surfing, using the camera and being more portable. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Myra R says

    if i won the ipad i would use it for school and my volunteer work and of course to read some awesome books!

  37. Susan Smith says

    I would use the Ipad to read books, watch movies, play games, email, surf the net and FB

  38. Linda Walters says

    I would use it to write lesson plans for my adult students and to research all their many, many questions that I do not always have the answers for. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win one

  39. Julianne says

    I’ve been looking at IPad3s everywhere I go–in person or on-line. Amazing! Would love to own/use one for SOOOO many things I have to do–sharing a desktop with my husband would be over!! Thanks for the chance.

  40. Judith frankel says

    I have dreamed of having an ipad for writing my novel. I would love to be able to take it anywhere and just write. We bought my mom an ipad so that she could facetime with her kids and grandkids. I don’t have any way to do that, but if I gave the ipad I could.

  41. Judith frankel says

    I have dreamed of having an ipad for writing my novel. I would love to be able to take it anywhere and just write. We bought my mom an ipad so that she could facetime with her kids and grandkids. I don’t have any way to do that, but if I have the ipad I could.

  42. Susie says

    I would give it to my daughter who, desperately, needs one for her internship while in NYC for the Fall. Thanks !

  43. mary fanara coleman says

    As much as I want it for myself I would give it to my daughter who is a senior for school.

  44. kelly thompson says

    I would surf the internet while my 2 year old twins played and watched barney…

  45. says

    I honestly think I would give it to my sister. I’m saving for a new computer and am not as mobile as she is but she REALLY wants one so I would give it to her. (yes we’re that close)

  46. G Salazar says

    I would use an ipad to aid in planning our daughter’s wedding and coordinate the schedules for our other 4 kids. Fingers crossed!

  47. Annette Gwaltney says

    I would use an IPad for Nursing School. My classes start in August and we are required to purchase a tablet for use in lectures. Winning one would be wonderful, thanks for the chance :-)

  48. Connie Wallace says

    Hello, I would use the iPad to Skype with our daughter.she is moving to China to serve in missions for a year. She leaves in Aug. How wonderful it would be to actually see and not just hear her voice! Thank you for the chance and good luck to all!!

  49. Connie Wallace says

    Hello, I would use the iPad to Skype with our daughter.she is moving to China to serve in missions for a year. How wonderful it would be to actually see and not just hear her voice! Thank you for the chance and good luck to all!!

  50. Joy Person says

    I would give it to my amazing husband who is a Marine currently deployed for a a year. He’ll be home for his 2 weeks of R&R soon. He would be able to use it to skype with us more often.

  51. Betty L says

    I would love to win! There are SO many educational Apps available only to iPads. I would also love the ability to do couponing while out using an iPad.

  52. Marti says

    I have been pricing the ipads, but they are so expensive. I would use it in my small business I start last year. I really need it to check on orders and get them filled:)

  53. Cara Schneider says

    I would be using it for my son with Autism!! Thank you for this chance!

  54. Brandy Massey says

    I don’t have a lap top or an Iphone, and would love this for my kids too!

  55. Claudia Maldonado says

    I will use it for my business, that I just started “The Ultimate Body Applicator” I love the products and the supplements!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want to pay it forward!!!!!!!!!!!! Help other achieve a better and healthier life and help other to have a debt free life!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Erin Lee says

    If I were to win, I would load the iPad with educational games and resources for myself (I’m a college student wanting to become a teacher) and my son (he’s 2).

  57. Julianne says

    If I win the IPad3 I’d load it with books/games to use while in doctors’ offices when my husband goes for treatment…keep up with lessons and projects for my students, too! Need it! Want to win it!

  58. Nikki S says

    If I win it would be great for my 3 year old daughter when we travel! She always wants to play with my phone for the apps I download for her, this would be perfect!

  59. sandy weinstein says

    i have entered. thank you. i would use it while i am watching tv in bed. and when i have to wait at the dr. office, when i go to horse shows and dog shows

  60. Tamara Budd says

    I would use it to surf the web while watching tv or cooking, play games, keep up with email, and it would be very helpful on trips. Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. Julianne says

    Hmmm…what do do if I win an IPad3? Just about anything/everything I do on our shared desktop: surf, game, e-mail. Looking forward to the portability and loading books to read…

  62. Shelley Bryan says

    If I could win an iPad my oldest son (10) would think I was the greatest mother in the world! I’m a single mom of 3 boys so, I’m sure they would be reading free ebooks and free games :)

  63. Katy M says

    Wow! Thanks for the super-generous giveaway!!! I would love the new iPad. I love that I could sync it with my iPhone and have grocery lists, photos, contacts and more easily put into both items!

  64. Amy Seymour says

    I would use the iPad for checking my e-mail and for staying in touch with my family – my brother and mom live in Washington State, so face time really helps us stay in touch.

  65. Julianne says

    What wouldn’t I do with an IPad3? I’m sharing a desktop at home with my husband…need I say more? When he gets in the zone gaming or surfing, it’s all over for me. I’m still teaching and am used to being on a computer most of the day. I need that technology for researching, e-mail, reading, and entertainment!! LOL

  66. says

    If I won the Ipad I would be more active on my blog, write more poetry and do more submissions, and maybe just maybe finally write that book I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl!

  67. Julianne says

    I’d be “up” with my students and sons with some up-to-date technology! Would love the portability of an IPad3, too! I’d feel more comfortable taking it to doctors’ offices and on a trip…for surfing, e-mailing, and gaming.

  68. Mary Dailey says

    I would use the iPad for entering more contests to win things for my five grandchildren. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  69. Diana A says

    I would use my iPad for games, checking my email (especially for Madame Deals as usual), taking fun pictures, reading books, watch movies, and looking up cool features for the iPad.

  70. Julianne says

    Would have loved to have an IPad3 for the curriculum development class I was in this morning…surfing, shopping, gaming, e-mailing would be so easy/portable. Hope I win!

  71. Cynthia C says

    I would use it for many things, including reading and for recipes in the kitchen.

  72. Rhonda L says

    I would use the Ipad to complete my school work in college without having to be confined to my ‘home office’!

  73. sandy weinstein says

    i would use it in bed now that i have my house set up as wireless. finally, centurylink is the pitts…..wish i could get another company. i would not have to stay at the pc while my 3 4 legged girls are sleeping in my bed.

  74. Julianne says

    Tomorrow the car is getting its 100,000 mile check-up–would be great to read, game, or surf with a new IPad3 instead of reading old magazines or lugging a book…I’m in it to win it!

  75. Julianne says

    Hmmm…waiting for the car to be serviced would be a great way to pass the time e-mailing, surfing, and reading–gaming, too!

  76. Amy Seymour says

    I would use my new iPad for school – it would be a lot easier to lug around than a laptop. It would also allow me to save the environment by cancelling all my print magazines and going digital.

  77. Allison Susee says

    I would use the ipad for keeping up online and finding and using new recipes in my kitchen.

  78. Melinda Dartmann says

    I work so many hours and so many weekends that it would be nice to be able to keep up with family and friends and coupons and giveaways while I’m on my break at work.

  79. crystal says

    If I won the I-Pad I would use it for school it would be great going back to college with one for online courses.

  80. Ivette Fanith-Frost says

    I would love to win the IPAD! It has an educational app that I can use for my tutoring classes. It would make it so much easier than lugging my laptop to my sessions. Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  81. Amy Seymour says

    I would use the new iPad mainly for school. It would also be useful to use for reading books and magazines, as I’m trying to be greener, and I would love to cancel my print subscriptions.

  82. says

    Having one would be great for traveling to keep up with my blog posts, emails and of course having a kindle app to read lots of books away from home.

  83. Jackie says

    I would use the ipad to access the internet to read and explore websites, and “visit” other places that I want to see. Thanks

  84. Edna says

    I would love to win the ipad to be able to read all my magazines I have a lot of subscriptions and would love to have the ipad to read them there and to read books. I love to read.

  85. Chrystal J. says

    I would listen to music, watch movies, read books, and browse the web (including your wonderful website). :)

  86. Holly says

    I’m starting college in September and I am SO excited. My laptop just broke sadly, and they are expensive to fix! If I won this I could use it for college assignments :)


    i like reading books ,now i do it on my phone,if i win an ipad wooot that would be awesome :)

  88. Michele says

    I would give it to my daughter who will be going to USF in Aug, thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Kathy Pomeroy says

    I’d give it to my son to use while at work (ambulance driver) so that he could keep in touch between runs (NO “ipadding” & driving!!)

  90. Michelle says

    Thank u for this oppurtunity….I have been wanting an i pad since they came out, just can’t afford one. I would use it for mulitple things; note taking at church, bible lessons, email, etc….again thank u!!”

  91. Nikki Flannery says

    It will be helpful since my laptop just went out and I really don’t have the money to buy a new one.