Coupon Printing Solutions

Coupon Printing Solutions

Sometimes, you will get an error message when you go to print the coupon. Have you ever seen the message “install coupon printer” when you have already installed it? It is frustrating when you need or want a certain coupon but then can’t print it. I happened to come across a way to fix this problem. Ever run into a link that someone has posted that is the actual “bricks” URL (not the website it was extracted from) and you can’t print it? Wanna know why? It’s because they extracted it on a computer that was using an internet browser which is NOT the one you’re currently using.

Can you fix that?
Apparently you can. There are two little letters inside a bricks URL that tell the bricks if you are on Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari on a Mac (like me). Most bloggers seem to be on PCs, so for me running into a coupon I want to print from someone’s blog link was always frustrating. Now, from tracking down comments on several blogs, I’ve figured out how to change the URL in my browser to be the one I want and VOILA I can print the coupon.

Internet Explorer on a PC Bricks:

Firefox on a PC Bricks:

Safari on a Mac Bricks:

Find a link you can’t print, look at the url. Change those two letters (that I’ve identified in the above URL) to wi or vi for Internet Explorer, wg or vg for Firefox, and xs for Safari, and it should print. (For the either or choices, try one and if it doesn’t work try the other)

Another coupon tip: Every wonder what week the coupon insert was in the paper (if you have not cut your coupons yet)? Look at the spine of the coupon insert and the date will be printed on it. It is very tiny print but it is there!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the tips. Maybe you can help with this problem, sometimes when I go to print out the coupons they just won’t print. Ity says to check my printer my coupons are waiting but they are not. Last week this happened twice in a row and then I was unable to print anymore. Is there a way to tell that I wasn’t able to print the coupons? Or maybe reset it?

    Thanks in advance for any help! Love your site.

  2. Money Saving Gal says

    Thanks for this tip. I don’t have a problem on my PC but sometimes I do on my Mac. Well after reading your tip. I noticed a coupon I was trying to print on my Mac but couldn’t was open in Safari so I copied the link in Foxfire and it printed!!! lol Even though I have Foxfire open sometimes coupon links will open in Safari. I’m going to see if that’s why I’m having trouble printing from Target’s web site. lol

  3. Sheila Vives says

    I read the article on Coupon Printing Solutions and this didn’t work for me with Firerfox, but I will tell you what does work. I went to Walgreens, and clicked on a coupon and downloaded the printer from their site. After that I had no problems with

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