New Coupon Workshop Date

We have a new coupon workshop date scheduled!

Madame Deals Coupon System

Madame Deals Coupon System

Here is what two of our former students have said this week on Facebook:

Donnie- just got back from quick food/grocery shopping using skills learned at Madame Deals (…I spent $50 this week and am done with all my shopping!!!! I can’t believe it! I am actually saving money….now I’ve got to hunt down those bills that are just calling out to get paid :=(

Jodie- You owe it to yourself and your budget to attend this workshop. I attended one and have been able to shop at my store of choice (Harris Teeter) which was previously out of our budget. I have cut my grocery bills almost in half every time. I need to come back for a refresher on maximizing the extra buck program at CVS. Thanks ladies for all you do!

The question is how much are you over spending? It is not what you SAVE but what you SPEND.

Join us for a two hour class that will teach you how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill. You will learn how to get items for FREE and even how to MAKE money shopping. Learn how to organize your coupons with our binder system. Saving money is only one class away!

When: September 12th from 10am-Noon

Where:Fluvanna County Library in the meeting rooms.

What:A two hour couponing course that teaches you how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill. We will talk about coupons 101, how to CVS, how to do rebates, how to get organized and so much more. You will also receive our custom coupon binder system.

Cost: $40 (includes all supplies and our new upgraded fabric binder!) Watch the podcast on the Coupon Binder tab at the top of our site to see what is included.

Go to the Coupon Workshop page to sign up. We have even added Paypal as an option for payment!

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  1. Jeanne Burns says

    I don’t suppose you or any of your friends could do a road trip to the Memphis, TN area for a workshop??? I actually live in a suburb south of Memphis (Southaven, MS). Maybe you know of someone in this area that would be willing to put a workshop together for us over here….;-)

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