New Autism Speaks Bear now at Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear has just launched their new Autism Speaks Bear!


April 2nd is World Autism Day, and Build-A-Bear Workshop is proud to support Autism Speaks with our all new Autism Bear. This special bear is here to help shoppers light it up blue and offer some great big hugs too – for a limited time only while supplies last. It’s also available online at! This adorable teddy gift is kind, cuddly and ready to put a smile on your face! It comes dressed in an Autism Speaks  Tee. $1 from the purchase of this beary special teddy and 50 cents from the purchase of this tee will be donated to fund research into the causes & treatments of autism!

Did you know that Build-A-Bear is involved with multiple charity’s and community events?

I love how Build-A-Bear is so much more than just cute bears, they are a company that cares about the world! Build-A-Bear has been involved with great Charity’s like Autism Speaks, WWF, KaBoom, and more! So when you go to your favorite Build-A-Bear store, or shop online, not only are you leaving with a cute new furry friend, but you are supporting a company with great values!

We proudly support Build-A-Bear and love our Furry Friends!

Check out all the fun furry friends Build-A-Bear has to offer, in store an online at!

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