Neat Reciepts

Neat Desk now that is now what you would have called my desk. In fact that is the last thing you would have called my desk. The problem is I was overwhelmed with paperwork. I am a SAHM and successful business owner. If that wasn’t crazy enough I also manage our rental properties and used car repairs, medical appointments, dental appointments, household repairs, and a busy travel schedule for my husband and myself. I needed to get a hold of my receipts they currently reside in an envelope that has been spilled on may times. This is not a great place for documents. I have found that it is like a magnet for disasters big and small. I have tried folders. That last until my son dumped them all on the floor. The envelope came to be my receipt landing-place because I could throw it on top of the refrigerator. You read right my entire life is on top of the refrigerator.

Here is my review of the Neat Receipts system for your MAC

This is how easy it was to get started

1) Open the box

2) Take out the CD

3) Place the CD in your disk drive

4) Install Software

5) Place in your product key for your warranty

6) Place the USB cord to your Neat Receipt from your PC or MAC

7)On a Mac go to the magnifying glass and find the NeatWorks software

8) I suggest watching the easy to follow demos

9) Begin by scanning your image by placing it face down

10) Press scan and begin

11) Drag and drop the information you need

Here are some great uses for your neat receipts portable

Save your warranty cards for all your products in one place

Scan in all your business card contacts for easy access on you iPhone device

Keep Tax documents in one place

Download with ease to quicken

Organize car receipts for car repairs it is easy to set up files for each vehicle. This allows you to track the actual cost for owning that car over time. It also eliminates that huge pile of repairs papers.

Scan in holiday card envelopes so you can save the addresses for people who sent you cards

Scan in your bills after you paid them with a copy of your check so you have records of when you pay whom and the amount.

You can track all your purchases for home or your business in this easy to use online filing system.


Once you are done DRAG and Drop your scan into the folder “file” of your choice or your address book.

I always grab my portable Neat Receipts for conferences. It pays to be organized!




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  1. maggie king says

    Just started a new budget class by Dave Ramsey and I would use this just to see where all my money goes every month and to get a better handle on my budget in the year 2012.

  2. says

    The Neat Receipt is great for keeping tax documents in one place and handy for those warranty receipts. I would use it pretty much every day. It would also come in very handy to keep track of the receipts for my own home business. Thank you

  3. Lisa says

    I’m thinking that I would like to try it again. I thought it would work great for coupons! It wouldn’t pick out the right info, if I had to type in the info, I would just type it into a spreadsheet, why scan it? I guess I need more instruction.

  4. Kim Riggleman says

    WOW!! I would love to get one of these! It is the perfect organizing tool. I could organize our bills, reciepts, and any and all paperwork!! Scanning addresses on envelopes is also a great idea!

  5. Pam M says

    Great product that would be so helpful in keeping track of hubs’ school expenses & professional development/continuing education credits for both of us in addition to all the other ‘normal’ uses

  6. Mary Dunn says

    It looks very cool. Question, did you keep all the paper items for back-up? I am thinking thats what I may do…

  7. Carol Pennington says

    I would use this for one of my jobs – to organize receipts for supplies I order regularly but sometimes infrequently. I think it would be easier to find what I need when I need it.

  8. Carol Pennington says

    I am curious how many pages at a time can be scanned on the Neat Desk version. Also, whether they anticipate adding a handheld scanner than can be carried with you.

  9. Brittany Bryant says

    I would use it to organize my husband and I’s expenses so we can save money to have an addition for our family!

  10. Jennifer says

    I would use it to scan in receipts from my hubby’s shopping trips to the hardware store and all my shopping trips, to find exactly who in this relationship blows more money. LOL

  11. Diane Gilchrist says

    My purse and work/traveling bag are a constant embarassment to me. They explode w/ receipts that are un-secured! Help Me~

  12. Michelle Plummer says

    I have a WAHM business and this would be helpful in keeping track of receipts and invoices from supplies purchased.

  13. says

    I would use this to track my family medical receipts. We’ve been through a lot these last few years and keeping track of payment receipts, explanation of benefits, etc. is quite paper intensive.

  14. amanda skinner says

    I’d use it for everything….my hubby wants EVERYTHING kept! So we have tons of files…I hate to file. This would be so much easier.

  15. Kim Allmon says

    I would use this to help me in organizing all of our tax documents & household receipts. There’s just too much paperwork that’s in the file folders as the year progresses & it would be nice to weed a lot of that out.

  16. Michele J says

    I would use it to clean off my desk of all the paperwork. I would be able to take all my important information and download it onto mu computer into a file. I have so much that I wouls need to do, I’d be at my desk for a couple days until I finished.

  17. SAIDA says

    I would use it to organize all my receipts, warranties and all the household paperwork. Whenever I make a mistake of letting them stay unattended or close to the edge of my work table my toddler gets ready and happily tears the papers to pieces!! Will help saving me the headaches of scotch taping papers again!!

  18. Jude Skocki Kelly says

    OMGoodness. If you could see my desk, purse, wallet, and coat pockets you would so understand why this would be awesome for me. 🙂

  19. Fiona N says

    Woa! I never heard it before. It’s soo cool and great idea for us to re-organize paperwork, receipts, bills and so much more. I would like to win it so bad 🙂
    Thank You So Much for the review and giveaway!
    I Love It :-))

  20. says

    I would love the Neat Receipt to get Organized!!! I have been looking for something to help me with all of my bills, Medical Bills/Insurance papers, Home Informations, Etc.
    I would love to have this – I save all my receipts. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about this product!

  21. Darlene Ezzell says

    I would definitely TAME OUR PAPER MONSTER We have of Receipts and papers for our finances and my Hubby’s Trucking business , and TAXES!!
    I have SOOOOOO Been Wanting one of these!!

  22. Wanda says

    i would use this to organize ALL my paperwork for home and church. Keeping up with receipts all year is tough. To scan and organize as you go sounds wonderful to me!

  23. Kathleen Hiskey says

    i have wanted one of these since i first saw the commercial on tv, i would use it to finally get the mounting piles of papers out of my house 😉

  24. Leslie G. says

    I would use this to track how much money I spend on impulse buys. I think I could save a massive amount of money if I didn’t take the kids with me to the store!

  25. Maureen says

    What wouldn’t I use it for. I am drowning in paper. I love you ideas about scanning the Christmas cards for addresses. I would use it for medical bills household expenses & the kids school papers to name a few.

  26. Lee Black says

    I would love to use this to organize my receipts! I have so many, and this seems like it would be really simple and easy!

  27. La Nora Richardson says

    I would use this to organize EVERYTHING!! I have a lot of contacts/business cards, I could pull up who I needed to contact a lot easier! I could scan the bills and send it to my hubby so that he can figure out what needs to be paid & when, instead of asking me every other day!! It would make my life a whole lot easier!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  28. Cassie says

    it seems so easy to do! i would use this to organize all sorts of receipts : grocery, flex spending account, vet bills, etc!

  29. Sarah Tilley says

    I would use this to organize all of my important documents and not have so much clutter around! I’m bad to forget where I put things so this would be perfect!

  30. says

    I would use it to get a handle on all the receipts I have. Mine are also in an envelope right now and they are categorized or anything so I really need this.

  31. Tina Rozell Thayer says

    I would use it for my husbands business. He spends most of his time of the road and this would ensure that all receipts make it home and into the accounting software to make tax time easier!!

  32. Heather says

    I have watched this commercial so many times and I would love to have one of these. I am very anal when it comes to keeping things organized and this is the most ideal way to do it. I have tons of recipes that I would love to keep in one place. I have also recently started keeping receipts, which really need to be organized and kept in a nice filing system and not in a manila envelope.

  33. Aaron Bretveld says

    I would use neat receipts to scan in all of my shopping receipts, but it would also be great for papers that I want a copy of but don’t really need on paper like recipes that I’ve printed over the last few years

  34. Lori says

    I defintely use this for all the organized piles on kitchen island, but then but husband would know where everything is and I would be fired LOL job security (he just learned how to use the voice mail on his phone!)

  35. cecile Ramirez says

    Oh my goodness, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to WIN THIS! I am a Premier Designs Jeweler and I started my business almost 18months ago and I absolutely love PREMIER, Serving others, and of course the Jewelry. It has been the best thing i have ever done for my family and for myself. However, I am a very disorganized person when it comes to keeping paperwork, and other records so this would be a complete GOD send if I won it to keep track of all my records. It would truly benefit me especially come tax time since all of my receipts would be scanned in 😀

    Plus, with my medical issues, it would be great to keep all of my health records on file scanned it.

  36. Jessica B says

    I’d love to use this for our military move here in a few months to keep all of those travel documents at hand. Also, there is so much paperwork between my husband being in the Army and my business. This would be the perfect solution. I’ve had my eye on one, but Dave Ramsey is telling me I should wait. 🙂

  37. says

    I have so much paper clutter. My husband is a music arranger and we have all his original music all over the house. I would scan every single piece and feel better about life and organization knowing that the music is safe for generations to come!!!!

  38. Heather G says

    I would use the Neat receipts for many things! Being a newlywed, it’s been difficult to adjust to having joint spending. This would help myself and my husband keep track of our expenses. I would also use it to help with my Pampered Chef business. Oh how I would LOVE to have this!!!

  39. says

    I would use this for my business and personal use as well. We are putting our house on the market and after going through every room, I’m disgusted and amazed at how many receipts we had floating around and I’ll be missing some for tax purposes this year due to lack of organization. This would help immensely!!! I could see myself purchasing this in the next 6 months for sure!

  40. Heidi Glasgow says

    This would be so great to win. Since moving from VA to CT and living in a smaller home there is definitely more need to stay organized. Being able to keep track of vehicle and home receipts would be wonderful.

  41. Jana case says

    would organize bills,receipt, and’s just organize all my paperwork.would love to have one!!!!

  42. Crystal says

    I love these, I want one! You can keep a digital copy of everything and then burn it on a CD. No more fear of loosing an important paper.

  43. Keri Ritenour says

    This is such a sweet gadget and would help alleviate the volumes of paper and disorganization in my home office.

  44. Melissa says

    I would use this to enter all the receipts for my husbands business since I do his taxes and bookeeping

  45. Brooke says

    I would use it to help organize the family. I take care of all of the business aspects for 3 families and this would help keep everything organized. I would just love this. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  46. Gerri Dumas Domicolo says

    I would use it to keep track of all of my daughters college tuition payments and financial aid forms!! UGH! There are thousands!! (not literally) 😉

  47. Lynda Bishop says

    I woulld use it for the medical problems we are now having and organizing all the bills EOB’s and just everything. Plus to organize the things I purchasae for homeschooling and our household to he
    see where, when and how we spend and to have recipets at our finger tips.

  48. Lisa Scott says

    I would LOVE this product, if I could attach a photo I would show you all the magazine clippings I have of recipes. I told my husband that I could really use this to get organized….would love the chance!

  49. Elisa Martin says

    I would use this for several things. To really track how much couponing is saving us money. I would use it for all my tax stuff and I would use it for my kids stuff too!

  50. linda says

    This machine would save a lot of time.We have a home business and it would be a lot faster to have everything in one place…no paper laying around to get lost….and all calculated up in one easy step. Hooray for great inventions like this one.Plus I would use it to keep track of all the awesome savings I do on shopping from couponing. Yea coupons!

  51. Jillian says

    I would love a way to organize all my receipts and see how much I really save with all my couponing efforts. I have receipts everywhere and this would be a much appreciated item. I could also use to organize all my bills since I have stacks of to be paid and paid bills. With a baby around I need more organization in my life.

  52. Brooke Lacey says

    If you see my office, every nook stacked at random “attempts” to organize that always get sideline or interrupted. Add to the continuing chaos of incoming receipts, bills and other papers I need/want to save and my purse to my kitchen table that serves as a storage depot for incoming plopage that occasionally meanders down to the office to join the fray and well the only solution really at this point is purge by fire or the Neatdesk lol .or an assistant..if you are giving one of those away too sign me up in triplicate!!

  53. ellen says

    My husband has a one man carpentry business and I am always ‘on him’ to bring in receipts or put them a monthly envelope. This would be great he has a gazillion of them!

  54. says

    Wow, I could eliminate all the boxes of receipts in my closet!! To make room for CLOTHES and SHOES!! WOW, this would be amazing!! And I could have all my auto receipts together! This is a godsend..I need this.

  55. Danielle C says

    I would LOVE this. My husband gets mad because I am good for filling grocery bags full of paper and taking forever to go through them, but feel that I need to keep 90% of them. It would be great to keep track of my savings from couponing, to help me stick to a budget, vet bills, moving expenses (military), addresses, and so on. It would definitely give me a GREAT start to becoming clutter free and organized.

  56. Chris N says

    I entered via Facebook.
    Winning this would be a life changer. I really need a way to organize our paperwork!

  57. Amanda says

    I would use this product to file all my paperwork for our taxes, recipes and such. My husband also has to keep receipts for his job as well so it would come in handy.

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