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Do you spend your days online?  We’re all busy connecting with friends, listening to our favorite music, watching videos, playing online games, shopping, making travel plans and generally running our lives online.  How would you like to be rewarded for doing all those things you already do online?

That’s where MyPoints comes in.  As one of the first and most trusted online reward sites, MyPoints has developed over the years into the “go to” site for all those things we do online.  You can Save Money at MyPoints by making it your first stop on the net.  The best part is you’ll have the opportunity to save both time and money doing the online activities you already love.  Do you love daily deals?  Well, MyPoints offers Awesome Daily Deals you won’t find any place else.

MyPoints makes it fast and easy to register.  You simply enter your name, zip code, gender, date of birth and an email address.  Once you’re registered, you can save money and earn points for rewards towards purchases at over 1,000 online retailers such as Target, Office Max, Home Depot and Kohl’s.

My favorite way to use MyPoints is by shopping.  Every time I make an online purchase, I check MyPoints to see how many points I can earn.  My favorite way to redeem the points I’ve earned is by cashing them in for gift cards at my favorite retailers.  You can also redeem them for gift cards to restaurants, hotels, and airlines.  If you prefer cash, cash them in for PayPal cash or even use them for charitable donations.  My mother is such an avid MyPoints member that she redeems her points for Discover cards to give to her grandchildren as Christmas and birthday presents.

Check out some of the very special offers available at MyPoints now:

Earn Points Twice as Fast! New MyPoints Members receive Double Points on the purchases they make in the first 30 days. Earn Facebook Credits! Only 1500 Points for 75 Facebook Credits. How easy is it to earn 1500 points? An example, shop Target specials that earn you 10 points per dollar, spend $100 earn 1000 points. Clip 10 coupons and get 125. Buy an AMC movie package and earn 250 points. Take two surveys that reward 65 points and earn 130 points. You’ve just earned 1505 points!

Earn 10 Points for every coupon you print and redeem. Plus, earn 25 Bonus Points when you print and redeem 10 or more coupons.

Get your friends to engage with MyPoints and you earn even more Points! When friends become MyPoints members you receive 750 points plus 10% of all the eligible Points your friends earns is awarded to you a Bonus Points. You can earn Points from friends that don’t become MyPoints members by referring offers.

Earn Points for purchasing Gift Cards from Favorite Retailers, Restaurants, and Entertainment!

With so many ways to earn through Great Offers and Deals at MyPoints, you’ll be on the way to savings in no time.

What ways would you use MyPoints?  Would it be to buy a baby shower gift at Target or a new dress from Macy’s for your high school reunion?  The possibilities are endless.

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