My Totsy Shopping Review

I love finding great deals especially cute and useful stuff for my kids and one of the deal sites that I love is Totsy. Being a busy mom and a budget shopper, Totsy makes it easier for me to find great new products for my family. I do shop at other online deals site but when it comes to rock bottom sale on kids stuff Totsy offers one of the best prices that you can find. They host exclusive sales where you can save up to 90% off various products. My personal favorites are their books and toy deals that my kids love. Each sale only lasts to up to 3 days but here’s my tip, the earlier you shop the greater chances that you’ll be able to score a great deal. Another great thing about Totsy is that it lets me discover new brands that you wouldn’t normally find on other deal sites and most of these brands offers high quality products. And if you love organic products, you must check out Totsy because they constantly host organic product deals.

The only thing that I warn you about Totsy is that you cannot expect your products to ship immediately. Sometimes it will take a few weeks before you’ll receive your orders, but so far I’ve been impressed with all of the products that I ordered so the waiting period is something that I can handle.

Totsy is also a company that helps a good cause, when you make your first purchase Totsy will plant a tree in honor of your child. This makes your shopping experience more memorable.

And because I love Making Money from Home, Totsy offers a great opportunity that I love and you can take advantage too. Just refer your friends to Totsy and when they make their first purchase you’ll earn a $15 Totsy credits that you can use to purchase deal, letting you score free stuff!

If you haven’t discovered Totsy yet, then I recommend that you sign-up now. Signing up is free but by invitation only so if you want to join click here.

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  1. April says

    Hmm, I have had the opposite experience. My first order I ordered only 1 item. It came sooner than expected and I had no issues other than I had to contact them several times to get my friend referral credit. Second order, I placed an order for 2 items (from 2 different vendors) with my credit plus I had to pay a little additional. The shipping date came and went. I noticed I was charged for the order, so I emailed them, no response. Emailed again, no response. Tried to call their number, could not get a live person, left a message, no response. I went over to their FB page and to my horror there was at least 5 other people complaining about not being able to get a hold of anyone. I posted on their wall about not getting my order (along with my order number since it looked like they were asking for that in all their responses) and someone replied I would be contacted regarding the matter within 24 hrs. I finally got a response and was told that my order was canceled because neither vendor provided them with enough stock. I would be refunded and they would credit my account back plus an additional $10 for my troubles. I was seriously upset. I mean they couldn’t email me or at least update my order status to reflect this? They did credit me but it took another email a week later to remind them to refund my money. Since I then had $40 in credit from 2 friend referrals and the $10 they gave me. I decided to give them one more chance. I purchased 5 items from 3 different vendors, used all my credits and paid shipping plus around $12. SAME exact thing happened. Shipping date came and went, no status change on my order, but my credit card was charged. Once again my emails were ignored, couldn’t get through to a live person, and no one was returning my calls. I had to once again post on their Facebook page begging for someone to please contact me. I was again told the vendors did not provide enough stock and so my order was canceled. I was livid. I mean really, 3 different vendors all short changed them AGAIN? 2 days later, a partial order (the 2 pair of socks I ordered – the 2 cheapest items) shows up at my door. Yet I was still charged the full amount, even though the 2 dresses and pair of shoes did not come. So I had to once again jump through hoops to get someone to contact me about giving me a credit/refund. I am still fighting them because they gave me part of my credit back but refunded me nothing. I am sorry, but crediting me $10 back out of $40 and still charging me $9 shipping plus $12 for what my credits didn’t cover, is NOT what 2 pair of socks are worth! 3 strikes and you are out with me Totsy!

  2. Lorie McGuire says

    Nice review- sounds like you have good luck with them. On the other hand after reading the above comments by April I am not sure I myself would ever order from them.

  3. says

    I love Totsy but the watch I bought from them doesn’t work. I was annoyed because I waited a long time for it to arrive. My son however, love the toy I got for him.

  4. BlackAsphodel says

    Hm, I’ve been signed up to Totsy for a while now, but have missed that they also carry products for grown-ups. >.> I’ll have to take a closer look. 🙂

  5. Mary Baker says

    I recently bought 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of dress heels and a pair of loafers for under $50 including shipping!

  6. says

    I love Totsy, too, and they have some good deals every once and a while. I have had some experiences like April. Ordered only to have the date come and go, but they always wrote me back when I emailed, thank goodness. They are a big company, so I expect things like that to happen every once and a while.

  7. Nicole Strunk says

    I have ordered from them and used my credit. All went over with out issue. I would order from them again!

  8. Gladys Parker says

    Great review. If I had money to spend it would be great! I might sign up anyway and order when I can. Thanks for the info.
    Gladys P

  9. Andi says

    Great review. Agree about he shipping, it does take awhile. However, if you don’t need the product right away, it’s worth it!

  10. Denise C says

    Nice review, definitely good to know about the shipping estimate arrivals. I love the stride Rites and wanted to purchase them at that great deal! Thank you!

  11. Julie B. says

    I have already signed up for Totsy, but this is a great review because it truly reflects the best points about the site, thanks for the info as always! 😉 Oh, and cute, cute, cute products abound at Totsy and for great prices, I wholly agree!

  12. Stacey P (cosaver213) says

    Great site! I will definitely use this for my nephews whom are in that age group. Thanks for sharing :}

  13. Amanda Alvarado says

    We love Totsy! I have had a few items cancelled but was given a refund plus a credit for my inconvenience.

  14. Krystle says

    Thanks for this post! I do not have kids, but I will keep this in mind the next time I’m buying gifts for my cousin’s kids. Just will have to make sure I do it enough ahead of time in case there is slow shipping.

  15. Maria Balmeo says

    I havent tried this site yet, ill be sure to check it out later.
    Im glad that you mention about the delay of delivery for order item.

  16. Barbara Mayes says

    I love it that when you make your first purchase Totsy will plant a tree in honor of your child! Great info!

  17. Sarah Beth says

    I used to love totsy. shipping takes awhile, but its worth the price. last time i ordered from them was november, i ordered $50 worth of small toys and books for my kids and nephews. Last week, I was looking over my bank statement, and they charged me AGAIN for that order! 3 months later! When i called, i was on hold for a half hour. the guy told me they would look into and call me back. i called back before their offices closed as i hadn’t heard anything. the lady who answered said it was a “reoccurring problem” and that the $50 would be back in my account within 24-48 hours. but them taking that money to begin with made my account negative, and i needed to buy my son juice boxes or his school snacks! when i told them this, she told me they would give me some totsy credits to use. those will go to waste, if they even show up in my account, as i will not shop from them again. i loved the products and the prices, but its not worth the hassle!

  18. Shannon Gallagher says

    I have only heard bad things about this company and would never give it a try, although from your review it sounds great. Thanks!

    Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher on rafflecopter forms

  19. says

    I LOVED your article about Totsy……thank you for writing this! I have had really good experiences with Totsy and ordering. I do LOVE that they plant a tree for your orders:) I think they are a wonderful company to order that unique gift!! LuAnn Thoner

  20. amy miller says

    havent bought anything YET, but plan to in the very near future, but I have WON a beautiful necklace from u and its fabulous!!!!!

  21. says

    I ordered from Totsy after Christmas last year. Totsy was having a huge blow out sale on so many items! I ordered a pair of women’s boots, and I got free shipping. I did not care that it took longer than expected, and I loved my boots when they arrived. I got such a good deal!

  22. Patti L says

    My children are grown now, but when I have grandchildren, this company looks like fun. Thank you for a great review.

  23. Dawn Rivera Razo says

    I’m signed up with Totsy and have ordered a couple of times from them and have been satisfied with my purchases everytime.

  24. Bianca Roman says

    i haven’t purchased anything from totsy. i cringe when i see the almost $8 shipping charge!!! 🙁 but i like the fact that they plant a tree 😀

  25. Coupon Lizzi says

    The few times I’ve used totsy, I’ve loved it. They have great deals and are even greater when you get a credit or free shipping.

  26. Devona Fryer says

    It sounds like a really great site. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I can’t wait to check them out. God bless

  27. Cassie says

    i agree! i waited forever for my product AND never really heard from them as far as followup shipping information on where my order was. BUT I received the product packaged well and it was flawless. super cute stuff

  28. Lanie K. says

    I like Totsy.. they have good stuff and super good prices. Thanks for the review I enjoyed it and learned some more info about the site. I like the referral program as well.

  29. Brianne K says

    I ordered from them once and had no problems. If I saw something else that was worth it, I’d order again. Your review seems spot on.

  30. says

    I’ve shopped on Totsy but never bought anything. I am used to shopping at other similar deal sites, and shipping usually takes a while; they have to order it from the vendor, wait for shipment, then ship it to you. Not usually a problem for me, so maybe I’ll try buying something from Totsy!

  31. betsy cortez says

    Your review lacks details. Totsy is a flash sale site strictly for kids like ideeli, ruelala or hautelook are for adults(ruelala now has little rue for kids). April’s experience in her post of 3/1 is not entirely uncommon except it happened to April three times. Flash sale sites put overstocks, etc. from different manufacturers on their site for 1 to 3 days. There is a set amount of inventory that members across the nation are competing for and when it is gone it is gone. So there are always a few people who will have ordered but the computer has not caught up yet. These sites employ very few people to keep costs down. I ordered a dress from Ruelala that I had intended to wear to a wedding days after the expected arrival of my package. It seems to be standard practice to give a small credit for being unable to fulfill an order. I needed the dress not a credit but I was not charged for the item, either. So I have learned you do not have the item until you are charged and see it has shipped. I did use my credit to buy something for my daughter Flash sale sites let you get high quality items at a good price but they are not the same as buying from store or merchant website nor are they necessarily the cheapest place to purchase an item.

  32. Kelly says

    I was truly looking forward to enjoying Totsy…however my first and only transaction was a huge hassle. I honestly understand the delayed shipping times but lack of communication and very poor customer service are unacceptable. For me the bottom line is…the small savings is not worth the huge hassle.

  33. Ellie says

    I ordered only 1 time from totsy andI don’t want to order again. I ordered 2 items, and wait for a long time, then I receive email said that 1 item was over stock (for the item have good deal). So, never go back with them.

  34. Valery says

    I have an awful experience with this company! I ordered a bunch of hello kitty onesies when i was still pregnant with my daughter last year on December 10th. The company estimated that i should receive my shipment by December 30th. Well, nothing came and by February I demanded my money back, and they have refused to reply to my e-mails! Its been almost a year now. I’m calling my credit card company and reporting fraud! It’s just unreal how terrible their customer service is! They basically stole money from us!

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