My Super Market Encounter

Under my $100 budget

So, I never thought I would be followed in the supermarket but it happened. I was shopping at Harris Teeters. I had out my Madame Deals Coupon Solution, my daughter, snacks, toys, and my shopping list. I was off to a good start throwing free or really cheap items galore into my cart. I got my 20 items and then gathered all my other groceries. I have such limited time that I rarely go to more than one store a week so I have to get everything we need at once. My order rang up at $189.09. Then I handed over all my coupons.

$98.02 was the new total and you said, “Well you are still under your budget.”

I started laughing I said, “I am, and tonight we are having lobster for dinner, Mussels tomorrow, then steak, whole roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, and sausage and peppers.”

We laughed and I said, “It isn’t what you save it is what you spend and we are eating gourmet dinners all for less than I used to spend on mediocre dinners.”

I hope you learned something from my story. Save where you can so you can buy what you want. It is about “living within the budget”. So learn to stretch your budget instead of spending more money to get what you want. I do not deprive myself of the food I love. Instead, I figure out ways to buy the other things I need for REALLY cheap or free to increase the amount I have available for my splurge items.  All that I have to say was the lobster was YUMMY!

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  1. Jenny says

    I feel the same way. I coupon for stock up items so we can buy most of our fruit/veg at whole food and also buy organic meat and lots of fish. Its a trade off. If I can save/spend less and still eat the same quality of things that are important to us, why not?

    Have been to harris teeter every single day this week, yeah, I am getting tired of it. :-).

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