My Parent Rewards Card

I am so excited to tell you about a new coupon source! I just found out about My Parent Rewards Card. Basically, it is like an Entertainment book but in a card form! The great thing about My Parent Rewards is that it is a national savings card! You do not have to pick a region like other coupon books.

How does it work? Once you purchase the card, you log onto My Parent Rewards. Search by zip code for coupons for retailers, restaurants, services, attractions and more. Print out the coupon you want and head off to redeem it.

The nice thing about My Parent Rewards is that you can use it at over 100,000 locations in the US and Canada. So if you are going on vacation, plug in the zip code and see what coupons are available.

My Parent Rewardscard is available for $20 for a one year subscription. I was impressed with the shopping discounts for Charlottesville: 20% off Ann Taylor Loft, 15% off your whole purchase at Michael’s, $5/$25 at Play it Again Sports. Also the Buy One, Get One free game at Kegler’s Bowling is a good deal! I was not as impressed with the eating out coupons as they were mostly for pizza. However, for $20 I think it is well worth it for the other discounts and for when we travel.

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  1. Adrienne says

    Just a quick note on the Entertainment book…

    My husband and I wanted to go to downtown Lynchburg for a 2-day event, so we began pricing hotels. There were a few dive hotel/motels located on the outskirts of town for under $50, but the Holiday Inn that was two blocks from our event was $90 for the night. I went to the Holiday Inn site and found that the Entertainment Cart reservation rate was $50 for the night… that was $40 cheaper than their closest rate!

    I hadn’t planned on buying the Entertainment book, but for $40 savings, it seemed worth it! We went to Barnes & Noble online and found they are running a special that everyone who shops online gets the member rate for a short period of time… and also gets free expedited shipping. We placed an order Monday morning to buy the book for just over $25 (normally $35) with free shipping and it came in yesterday.

    I can’t wait to thouroughly look through the book to see what else we can save on!

  2. Danielle says

    A quick note, think of My Parent Rewards as combining ALL coupons books across the US and Canada into 1 discount card.

    What is the cost of buying all 150+ Entertainment Coupon Books across North America? At their $25 price, that’s $25*150 = $3750!

    The My Parent Rewards card costs only $20! Makes for a great buy, especially for vacations!

    When do your Entertainment Books expire? October 31st of every year, whether you buy it Nov 1, Jan 1, or October 31.

    When does the My Parent Rewards card expire? 1 year from the date you register your card after you’ve received it in the mail!

    How many discounts are in an Entertainment Coupon book? 200-2000.

    How many discounts are available through My Parent Rewards? Over l00,000!

    Quite the comparison!


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