My Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Sweet Independence: Win Prizes Weekly

I always think about how lucky I am.  I have everything. What I need is a couple of minutes to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Thank you Hershey for providing me with a way to do that. I am a blogger and it is my job to write. It is also my job to be the best mom I can be. I often find myself caught up in one or the other. I rarely take a moment to just be present and do something that is all about me. I decided I was taking a 30 minute break each day to do what I love which is to read. It is a really simple way for me to escape the perils of motherhood and work. I can retreat to a place I will never actually go and meet people that I would never have known.

I usually grab a large glass of milk and a hand full of Hershey’s Kisses and find a quiet spot. This spot could be anywhere where the kids aren’t.  I was a kiss girl until this box of Simple Pleasures arrived at my door. I believe variety is the spice of life and what is better than more varieties of chocolate?

The answer is Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates because they have 30 percent less fat than the average leading milk chocolates. The reason why is I simply can’t stop placing them in my mouth. The “diet” chocolate taste amazing so it is an easy way to justify my new found indulgence. I was previously a Hershey’s kiss girl. I have a huge bag of them and when I did the laundry or emptied the dishwasher or vacuumed the floor I would pop one in. I mean since I am a work at home mom I do not get “paid” for the chores so simply stealing a moment to enjoy a treat is my key to sanity. This easy to consume chocolate hits the spot it is decant and not dangerous to my figure.

  I have to say my review team also enjoyed the white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate offerings. You can hear what they had in their review video.


Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates and I encourage you to sign the Declaration of “Sweet Independence,” prompting you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and live a balanced lifestyle. They’re offering weekly prizes, you could win a $100 Gift Card, HERSHEY’S SIMPLE PLEASURES Chocolates and more!

Disclaimer:  I love my job because I received  Free Hershey’s products and have been paid to try the chocolate and write a post about my experience. I was paid for my time not for my opinions and as usual they are 100% mine I mean this is my site and my dream to write about chocolate for money and Hershey’s chocolate what a treat!

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