My good deed

I often wonder if people realize the power they have to create change. It only takes one action to create a positive reaction. I take one morning a week to hang out with myself. I know crazy but it is a 2.5 hours that I need. I went to the mall today and I walked by a cupcake store. It is called Dawn’s cupcakes. The business women in me questioned the location choice and the pricing. I couldn’t image the amount of cupcakes to just pay the rent on the location. Then it hit me. I do not need a cupcake.

I did however need to help Dawn succeed in her dream. I watched how hard she was working to present her cupcakes and  how wonderful the cupcakes looked. I saw the prices and knew they were not inexpensive but this wasn’t about getting a deal this was about helping to further the American Dream. I am someone who believes if you work hard to go after your dream someone should give you a chance.

Well so what is my pay it forward besides having a cupcake. It is posting about Dawn’s business at the Fashion Square Mall. Dawn your red velvet cupcake was amazing may your success be as sweet! I encourage you to buy from local business owners and support their dreams!

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