My Favorite Four-Letter Word

I’m sure you know a few four-letter words, particularly ones we won’t repeat here and which we do not encourage our children to repeat.  However, did you you know I have a favorite four-letter word which my children are encouraged to use?  Well, I do and that word is


I’ll tell you why this is so important to me today.  After months of spinning and searching, my persistance has paid off.  You see, I have been cashing in my Swagbucks and Superpoints for Amazon gift cards.  Usually, I redeem my “SBs” and “SPs” $5 at a time.  Well many redemptions later, I earned a luxury item (which is definitely not in our budget) but which I have wanted for months.  Do you know what “it” is?  A Kindle Fire! … and it didn’t cost me a dime. With a little patience and perserverance … some searching and spinning … you, too, can earn big things for FREE!    You can use these links to start spinning and searching too.

To join the Madame Deals Superpoints team, click here.

To join the Madame Deals Swagbucks team, click here.

What luxury item is on your wish list and not in your budget?


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  1. Catherine says

    I agree — “Free” is an excellent word! And I’ve heard such great things about the Kindle Fire, I’d love to have one for myself! Thanks for posting the contest.

  2. Kim Withers says

    That would be my favorite 4- letter word, too! Thanks for sharing about this. I’d love to win a Kindle Fire!

  3. Judi says

    I just joined SuperPoints but I have been doing Swagbucks for about 6 months. I can’t ever seem to save up any money b/c we always need diapers. I was able to get my boys a toy box/organizer for either birthdays back in Sept. I looked at my ledger I have earned almost $200 since I started Swagbucks in July 2011.

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