My Coupon Keeper Review

Review of My Coupon Keeper

my coupon keeper

 I have never used a binder but instead have always used envelopes to keep my coupons organized. I stored the envelopes in a plastic box so they would all be together. This method worked for me but did come with its own set of faults. If the box was shaken,the envelopes would slide down and get mixed up, the envelopes would rip if they were too thick, I usually had to empty the whole envelope to find the coupon I was looking for, I almost lost the lid at the grocery store, and it wasn’t practical to put my “non-grocery” coupons in.

I was asked to review the My Coupon Keeper and was willing to give anything else a try. The first thing I noticed was the size. It is long and would fit perfectly in the front of a shopping cart. The next thing I noticed was the lid is attached.I no longer have to worry about the lid sliding out of the cart.I was eager to get started and quickly unpacked and examined the remaining items.

Contents include: 1 My Coupon Keeper Box,1 reusable shopping bag, 3 mini-coupon folders, dividers and labels.

 I quickly set to putting the labels on the dividers (make sure to only use the ones you need). I also put a few labels on some dividers since I don’t usually differentiate between different types of  frozen foods or vegetables. This also saves dividers for the blank labels(that are included) so you can create your own.  The blank labels are perfect for store specific coupons, restaurant, and retail stores. There are 2 hard plastic dividers included with the My Coupon Keeper that make it easy to separate categories as well.

I put all my restaurant and retail coupons on the right side of the My Coupon Keeper and all the rest on the left side. I then took a look at the mini-coupon folders to see how they work. (I am not sure if I will use them as it is one more thing to carry and with the dividers up you can’t fit them in the box with it to close completely.) You basically, put your coupons you pulled out to use in the right side and as you pick up the product you move the coupon to the left side. Then when you get to the register you are ready to go.

I am excited to the My Coupon Kepper the next time I go to the store because now I can flip thru and see my coupons without emptying an envelope everytime I need to look for a coupon.

Check out Amee’s Review of the My Coupon Keeper below and find instructions on how you can order.

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Disclosure: The My Coupon Keeper was donated to MadameDeals  for review. The views in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way by the sponsor. The My Coupon Keeper was not a payment for any favorable opinions.

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