My Camera Choice Canon PowerShot SX50


Here it is and I am going to tell you why I chose the Canon SX50. I currently have an iphone4 and a Canon rebel

I love my Canon. What I do not love is the number of lens I have to have. I had no idea until I took photograph class what the camera actually did. I needed a lot of help to get a great picture. I just need something more idiot proof. I also found myself carrying around over 1,000 anytime I took out my camera. It made me nervous.

I also didn’t have a video camera. You can picture this I have a child on my lap and my heavy rebel camera and I have a bloggie. I am trying to use both devices at once at my child’s presentations. It was an utter disaster. You can image I basically got okay shots with both cameras and I almost knocked my child in the head with the camera.

I also can’t figure out what lens I need for what. I never get a seat close enough to get great pictures and I am tired of it. I am getting this canon camera because it has a video camera and it has a great zoom lens. It is much cheaper than my current camera was. It is lighter. It has a view screen that will help me adjust my settings. It is a canon and I love the images that a canon camera takes.

Canon PowerShot SX50

I read the reviews and I thought about a couple of other cameras. I decided for the money this was my best bet. I will use my rebel if I am doing shoots for my site or family photos. The everyday camera that I will now grab will be this canon sx50.

HERE is a picture that I took quickly and a little movie.. I still need to read the book.. but this is what I could do right after I opened it and charged the battery.

Me taking a picture while the video camera was on…

image taken while shooting video

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 50x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

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