Motion-Activated Stainless-Steel Trashcan Set $59.99 Shipped!

Trashcan Set

trashcan set

Did you know that germs can spread easily when you accidentally touch a part of your trashcan? Avoid spreading germs in your home especially if you have little ones. For a limited time only, for just $59.99 get a ModernHome Motion-Activated Stainless Steel Trashcan Set ($119.99 List Price). These features motion-activated sensors which eschews the need to come in contact with germs or bacteria when tossing out trash. The battery-powered cans sport lids that open gently with a wave of the hand and, after a few seconds of non-usage, automatically close. Free Shipping and Returns.

Set includes one 11-gallon can and one 3-gallon can


  • Motion-activated garbage cans open with a wave of the hand
  • Includes one 11-gallon can and one 3-gallon can, perfect for use in kitchens, offices, or bathrooms
  • Stylish stainless steel design with glowing sensors that evoke the saucer-eyed stare of a radioactive toddler
  • Battery-powered design eliminates wiring
  • Each trashcan runs on four AA batteries (not included)
  • Works with any brand of garbage bags

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