Mother's Day is coming

I wanted to share my best Mother’s day ever. I was actually born Mother’s day weekend so that has always made Mother’s day special. The picture above is me and two of my three children. The reason why my third child is missing is he wasn’t out yet for my best Mother’s day ever. Max was actually in my tummy last year for my best Mother’s day so far. He was born a couple days later. I remember being in the hospital on bed rest and I had a moment of clarity. I had spent the majority of my pregnancy in fear. I was scared  because I had an awful pregnancy that resulted in three weeks on bed rest in the hospital and multiple trips prior. I was scared because I wasn’t sure I could handle three children. I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around having a third. I had decided I was done at two. I sat in my bed and I begin to think of how my life had changed for the better with the addition of each child. I thought about how my heart grew as our family grew. I thought about how grateful I was to have my children and how lucky I was to be a mom. I thought about all the new lessons I learned with my heart instead of my head. I learned to look at the world differently every day was new and filled with hope and gratitude. I learned that with each child I was born again.  The fear left my body and instead it was replaced with hope. I hoped with all my heart that our baby would arrive safe, healthy, and happy. I hoped that I would be the mom he deserved and the person who he looked up to. I learned that it is important to say what you need to say and do things for the people that you love.

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