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Here are just a few more quick tips that I use and hope that you will find them helpful in stretching your dollars and cents.

Renae mentioned on Sunday how permanent markers help her for marking expiration dates on boxes of food. Another great way for putting markers to use (and in this case I use a silver one) is to mark what AC adapter/ charger plugs go to what devices. This is actually something that I learned from my husband and since we have been using this tip, it has saved us a lot of time, effort, frustration and money. When you get a new electronic device, immediately mark with a silver marker (since most of these types of things are black, the silver shows up very well) what device it goes to. That way when you have a lot of chargers plugged into an electrical socket or power strip like we do (we love our gadgets!) you will be able to easily find the right one when it comes to charging the devices.

– Another thing that I tend to use silver markers for is to mark a use by date when trying to cull through some of my beauty products. There once was a time where I had a *lot* of lotions and for one reason or another would try it and then not like it or perhaps find another product that I liked better – and there would sit a bottle of lotion half opened. I finally gave myself a drop dead date to have it used or pass it along at a swap and wrote this on the top of the lid.

– My final suggestion on how to utilize permanent markers would be to date your laundry detergent bottles and any fabric softener containers in a way to help you judge just how much you use (and therefore how much you will need for a specific amount of time i.e.: a six month supply) I first started doing this when I was purchasing my laundry supplies at the big box stores and wasn’t sure how long it took me to use a product. Then I tried this and it gave me a better gauge on how quickly we used a certain product.

So I say stock up on your Sh@rpie pens while school supplies are inexpensive and you can save some money too!

– A money saving tip that I recently came across and almost filed under the “yeah, right, can that really work?” was cutting my dryer sheets in half. Thankfully my willingness to try it before I knock it, prevailed. A good friend of mine who has a very sensitive nose cuts hers in six strips – so imagine HER money savings – but so far I have only gotten the courage for cutting mine in half. Currently my box of 250 will last me 500 wash loads, I can only hope that will last me six months!

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