More Meat For Your Money!

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More Beef For Your Buck and More Meat For Your Money!

Eating healthy isn’t too expensive if you are a vegetarian and have your own garden! BUT what about those who need more PROTEIN—and not just beans!  Here are a few tips on how to get more meat for your money.

When purchasing large cuts of meat at the grocery store, trim it yourself! Why pay a higher price per pound to have the fat or skin pulled off?

Use fillers in casserole and sauce recipes such as spaghetti.  Bulgar wheat takes on the same flavor as that which it is cooked with AND it looks like ground beef once it is cooked. Literally less beef for your buck but more meat flavor for your money!!

Buy a share in livestock.  Find a farm and inquire about buying a calf or 1/2 calf.   You don’t have to go out in the country,  just look around at the Farmer’s Market.  We have several farmers that show up with lamb, sheep, chicken, beef…even a couple fishermen.  By eliminating the middleman or men/ stores you will get a much better price and can get more meat for your money!

Watch the sales cycles at your grocery store.  You can ask the butcher.  Most stores have a specific day they mark down their meat.  The meat is generally marked down near the expiration date and during the least busy time of the day.   Sams typically marks down their meat Thursday morning.

Now that we mentioned Sams, be sure to check the bulk prices.  They are typically better than the shelf price in grocery stores but NOT better than the mark down or sales price in grocery stores.  When thinking of bulk buys to save on meat check out Zaycon as well as the above mentioned farmer’s market bulk buy.  Zaycon delivers meat direct from the farmers to you in specific cities on given event dates.  More information can be found at Zaycon foods.

Watch the sales cycles for the calendar year in addition to the weekly sales.  After holiday sales are perfect times to stock the freezer.  You can save on meat at grocery stores as well as specialty stores such as Honeybaked ham.  (Another tip for Honeybaked Ham is to ask for miscuts- the meat is still good, but the slicing is slightly off! Something my family surely does not mind!) Thanksgiving turkey and  Easter hams end up giving you more meat for your money!

Use coupons creatively so that the overage pays for some of the cost and you get more meat for your money.  If the coupon policy, such as Walmart’s, allows for overage then use that overage in conjunction with meat coupons and sales to save on meat.

Last but not least- Hunt.  The most natural free ranging (aka wild!) meat you will find is when you get it yourself.   If you are in a city then you could vacation at a Hunting resort! You will ‘kill two birds with one stone”- get more meat for your money and get a break from your regular activities.

more meat for your money

Get more meat for your money at Zaycon’s chicken events scheduled for this fall.

Be sure to check out our More Beef For Your Buck roast recipe and More Chicken for your cash.

Watching sales cycles, using coupons, using fillers and dealing with meat yourself are all ways to get more meat for your money.



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