Mopar Muscle Joins The World of Monster Trucks

Mopar Muscle Joins The World of Monster Trucks

Mopar Muscle 1My son is a huge Monster Jam fan and has been attending Monster Jam for years. We live in the Motor City and he has grown up with a love for anything automobile related. He delights in attending the Annual Woodward Dream Cruise and enjoying a Nascar Race every year with his dad. However, his favorite thing to attend is Monster Jam. This year he couldn’t wait to attend the event at Ford Field. He became more excited when he found out he would have a chance to visit the Pits and see the unveiling of the new Mopar Muscle.

The Ram Truck Brand has been part of the Hall Brother’s Racing team since 2002 and this year is the first time that Mopar has entered into the world of Monster Trucks. The Mopar Muscle is joining the “Raminator” and the “Rammunition” for six Monster Jam events during the 2014 racing season. My husband had a chance to interview Tim Hall, the president and general manager for the Hall Brothers Racing Team. The whole team is excited to have the Mopar Muscle joining their team this season. It will be driven by Mike Miller. Tim Hall shared that Mike got his start with the Hall Brother’s Racing team working in the garage. His first job was to take care of a litter of kittens that were living in the garage. He has since moved up the ranks and joined the Hall Brother’s Racing team drivers which include Mark Hall and Mat Dishman. A fun fact about Mike Miller, he has a son named Hemi.

Monster Jam 2

 The Mopar Muscle brings a lot of new excitement to the Hall Brother’s Racing team but also to the sport of Monster Trucks. Monster Jam is one of the most well known Monster Truck events and with the presence of the Mopar Muscle the 2014 season looks to be exciting. My son and husband attended Monster Jam at Ford Field on January  11th enjoyed another exciting event.

Monster Jam 3

The Halls Brother Racing Team made it to the Semi-Finals with the Raminator but were defeated by Iron Man. Iron Man faced off against Grave Digger in the finals and won. Mopar Muscle competed in the Freestyle event and took 19 points. The winner in the Freestyle competition was Max D. with 26 points.

For more information about upcoming Monster Jam events and to find out when they will be near you visit

Find out where the Hall Brother’s Racing Team and Mopar Muscle are schedule to be here.

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