Monsters Be Gone: Toddler Sleep Issues

So, I have told you all before that it is a constant battle to get my oldest son Mason to go to sleep.  Although he has improved -slightly- we still battle almost every night. Our latest battle…MONSTERS.

Mason: “Mommy I can’t go to sleep. There are monsters in my closet.”

Mommy: “There are no monsters.”

Mason: “Yeeeees there are.”

Seeing I was not going to win this argument, I came up with a plan. Eradication of the monsters was my only way out of this. My aha moment… I had a ton of Oust sanitizer spray from the moneymaker deal at CVS last month.

I marched into Mason’s room armed with Oust and sprayed the monsters in the closet. Mason laughed and was completely satisfied. Mommy had beat the monsters and the little boys no sleep tactics!

Sometimes you may not have an immediate use for the freebie or moneymaker items. But they sure come in handy at unexpected times!

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