Monster In-Laws: In-Law Survival Spa Gift Pack Contest

Lifetime Television Premieres
Monster In Law
Monday, October 24—10 p.m.

We have all heard horror stories about in-laws. I myself have had issue with the in-laws part of which I know now was my own fault, but none the less the issues were there. When I sat down to watch the premiere of Lifetime Television’s Monster In Law I had no idea just how serious some in-law issues could be. What an eye opener. Monster In Law is Lifetime’s new dramatic reality series based around married couples who are at odds with their in-laws and the difficulties they face. As the show begins it is painfully obvious that poor communication is a big factor in this family. With a baby on the way this family is in serious trouble. Feeling sorry for the unborn baby that was about to enter this world and into a family who behaved the way they were behaving was disturbing, however, I could not look away. The constant bickering over money, chores, responsibilities, etc. was a constant battle between this family. There has to be a happy ending…or does it.

The therapist brings everyone under the same roof to work on mending the brokenness in this family and help them learn how to live in a more peaceful manner. She does a great job pointing out faults without harshness leading the family members to learn from their actions.

Monster In Law is a must see reality show for those with in-law issues, those who think they have in-law issues and those who can be thankful that they do not have in-law issues. Watch Lifetime’s premiere Monster In Law Monday, October 24 at 10:00 p.m. with back to back episodes. Everyone with in-laws can benefit from the advice of the experts on this show even if the differences they have are not as severe as the families portrayed.

Karla Robey
For Madame Deals

Now here’s a nice surprise, because Lifetime Moms together with the A&E original real–life series, Monster In-Laws is letting us give away one In-Law Survival Spa Gift pack!

The In-Law Survival Kit includes:
– $50 Gift Card towards a spa treatment
– Gel Facial Mask
– Bath Salts/Bubbles


Mandatory entry:

1. Share your funny/crazy in-law stories in the comment section!

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This giveaway is open to US residents only. Contest ends on 10/31.

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  1. Nikki Elkins says

    I dont really have any crazy in law stories. my in laws are awesome people! I got very lucky!! They are alot of fun and never meddle in our lives!! I have never had one problem with them!

  2. says

    I have so many crazy mother-in-law stories. My mother-in-law called me the B word last year. Every time she speaks to my husband on the phone, she asks (gleefully) if we’re having problems or getting a divorce. That would be her biggest wish.

  3. Lisa Hollis says

    My ex-husband and I snuck off to get married. Yes, now I know that was a bad decision, but we were 19 & 18 and expecting and his mom really didn’t like me much anyhow (another long story). When we told his parents….well needless to say, his mother chased me around the house threatening to beat my a**. That is until he finally got up the nerve to scream “You can’t hit her! She’s pregnant!”. It was just like a Wile E Coyote and Road Runner cartoon. Everything just screeched to a stop and everybody there at the time just looked at him with jaws dropped while I took the chance to run off and hide. He came and found me a few hours later after they had talked everything out and she had cooled down. She really ended up being a good mother-in-law. Even after the marriage ended and that was almost 20 years ago.

  4. krista lafave says

    It is now my EX motherinlaw but she was a piece of work. 3 grown kids and they treated her like she was a Queen. She should be on that hoarding show because you cant walk one foot into her house because of all the junk. She didnt work because she was on disability for diabetes and lime disease but it didnt stop her from shopping or volunteering at her church or anything else she wanted to do.

    one summer she told me she would watch my kids ( then 10 & 7) because i worked afternoons and the hubby worked days and she said she could use the money ( 100.00 a week). The first day she was babysitting, she got to my house a half an hour late and complaining her sugar was low and she would have to leave ( missed work day 1) the next week she didnt show up at all and no call ( late to work waiting for new sitter) she later tells me that i told her i didnt need her that day. whatever!!
    4 weeks in she shows up yet again and tells me her sugar is low she has to leave. ( missed day 2 and the last). i told my husband i am not having her sit anymore and got a new one. she then proceeds to bad mouth to everyone in the family for taking away her extra money. thank God for divorces.

  5. Holly C. says

    I already subscribe to feed. I really don’t have a funny in-law story, except my in-laws did not speak english that well and we had lots of laughs with my husband trying to translate my NYC English into Russian. there was a lot of whoops! it was like what auto-correcting texting does!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  6. crystal lane says

    well at my sister’s wedding many years ago.At that time no one like my boyfriend.they were all drunk and my boyfriend at the time was acting my brother in law and threw him into a the table with all the food.thank goodness we all had ate.then they continued it was a mess.

  7. Kathryn says

    Unfortunately I don’t have any crazy in-law stories because they have both passed away :(. I only knew them for a short period of time.

  8. Heather P says

    I have never met my in-laws. My husband cut off contact with them 2 decades ago, for reasons that are completely justified.

  9. Amanda Alvarado says

    I really don’t have any funny/crazy in-law stories. There is the day we got married and my dh’s Aunt (I think it was his Aunt) decided to make us our wedding cake AFTER they had already been told that my MIL had taken care of it. Side note: My MIL and dh’s father (I won’t call him my FIL) are divorced and dh really doesn’t have much to do with his father’s side of the family. It was horrible – the cake. I HATE coconut and guess what it was…yep coconut! I smiled and gagged a piece down to be polite. As soon as his family had left, dh took the cake and tossed it in a garbage bag and we brought out our REAL wedding cake!

  10. Penelope Costanzo says

    At Thanksgiving dinner my boyfriend at the time, now husband and father of two amazing boys, gave the toast. It was incredibly sweet and romantic. He thanked my family for raising such an amazing girl and told me that he couldn’t imagine spending another day without knowing that I would be with him for the rest of my life. With that he dropped to one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I started to cry and of course said yes. I gave him the biggest hug ever and started to telling him how much I loved him when we heard, ” can we cut the turkey yet?” Those words came from my mother and needless to say she is not the sentimental type. I guess you could call that a crazy in law story. My husband does.

  11. Tiffany Hood says

    I wish I had a bad story about my current mother in law but I dont. However my ex boyfriends mom was a night mare. She hated me without even knowing me. She didn’t like me simply because she claims I took her son away from her. I guess she wanted to son to always live with mommy, and didn’t want him to grow up and be a man. When he lived with me he worked a good job making good money and was on a good track in life. Ever since I kicked him to the curb he has turned to a low life who lives at home with mommy and doesn’t work but yet uses drugs. She has since told me how great I was and she wanted us to be together. I guess next time she will let her son grow up ( if she will find someone who will ever date him now that he’s a loser).

  12. says

    I’m blessed too that I don’t have any bad in law stories. I really like my M-I-L and we get along really well. I’m blessed to have her. When we had our son very premature, she was so helpful. I’m glad not to have that drama.

  13. says

    Well i don’t know that it was funny…maybe strange but my in-laws never came to the wedding!!!! Proclaiming they did not live in the same state as where the wedding took place. (Although they were frequently traveled all over the country). After our first child they began to visit…Took them a long while to bond !
    Thank You.

  14. Sheli Smith says

    My mother in law would not speak with me after my husband and I got married. My daughter graduated from cosmotology school the week after our wedding. She called and asked to speak with her, congratulated her and still never spoke with me. My husband finally had to threaten to never speak to her again if she didn’t try to accept me. Her problem…she was mad at me because we didn’t have a big wedding and invite them. Who’s idea was it to have a small intimate wedding…my husbands! Go figure! 🙂

  15. Hannah McAuliffe says

    My mother-in-Law had my man and I over to visit her work place when we went down to stay with her. Little did we know that the reason we were getting weird looks there was that she had broken her bed frame and decided to tell her co-workers that we had broken her bed frame by, ahem, being rough… also her mother is bad as well, actively trying to set the mood for us to give her great grandbabies!
    Its always mortifying the find out whats going to be happening next..,

  16. says

    My father-in-law is the manager at a restaurant here in town. When we go to dine there, we always ask the waiter to send him out to see us, but we don’t usually mention that we are his kids. One time with out letting the waiter know that he knew we were there, he sent the poor waiter back out to us with a message. The waiter came back to us and in a timid voice said, “I’m sorry but he told me that you’ll have to leave.” We started laughing and laughing as he snuck up behind the waiter and said, “These are my kids, we don’t have to help them.” The poor waiter looked so confused! He is always joking around like that. Luckily for a lot of the other waitstaff, they recognize us now as we come in!

  17. Stephanie G says

    My in-laws were responsible for taking our wedding presents from the reception back to their house where we would pick them up after the honeymoon. They decided to open the presents in order to “condense” the space they would take up in the car! And they didn’t write down what everyone gave so it was incredibly difficult to send out thank you cards!

  18. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I don’t have any funny stories to share about my in-laws. They both died and I miss them. I wish they were here to watch my kids grow up;

  19. Susan Bryant says

    I don’t have any Mother or Father-In-Law horror stories…but I have a brother-in-law story! My husbands brother is about as hillbilly as they make them (he & my husband are POLAR opposites!!) and not long after my husband & I got married…the brother in law comes over to our house & starts ordering ME around OUR house… husband didn’t say a word to him….so I stood up and told him that he will NOT talk to me like he talks to his wife…left the house (slammed the door) and once driving down the road, I called my husband & told him once his brother left I would come home & that he is NOT welcome in our home again!

  20. 1955nurse says

    I don’t have any horror stories about my In-laws… my Mom-in-law was the best anyone could ever have, I try to live up to her example w/MY Daughter-in-law!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance… I could still use the SPA STUFF!

  21. 1955nurse says

    I’m already a current email subscriber to your daily feed ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Great giveaway!

  22. Jessica Toelle says

    My in laws are horrible, but it is my husbands brothers that are the problem. Last Thanks giving I brought everything and made dinner for all of them, we live 1 hour and 30 mins away….they had the nerve to complain that I did this for their grandmother……No one had a problem eating any of it though.

  23. Carissa says

    I really don’t have any problems with my in-laws. Actually, soon-to-be in-laws. My fiance & I are getting married in 2 weeks. The only recent issue was when my mother-in-law decided that since she had to pay for tux rental for my fiance, stepson, and brother-in-law (he can afford it himself but he’s a bit of a mooch sometimes), that she was no longer paying for the rehearsal dinner or anything else. She still won’t pay for the dinner but has relented about other expenses – she just needed to feel appreciated first for what she already did. Other than that, though, she’s a sweetheart & we get along GREAT! She’s just glad I’m nothing like her LAST daughter-in-law, stepson’s mom. THAT is where all the crazy horror stories start!

  24. Patricia Crowley says

    My memories of my mother in law make me laugh…and also make me realize how different our families are…LOL. Her main goal anytime we visited was to make me turn red. She loved seeing me squirm. She is definetly missed though.

  25. Crystal bechard says

    Oh MIL stories… Lets start with any show or movie about a crazy MIL and mix them all together! No Joke! Picture this, my MIL wears no bra, mens levis, tye dye wolf shirts, and hiking boots, unless it is summer, then replace the levis with some mens swim trunks… Lol. Dont get me wrong deep down, I Love her… She helps us out all the time, and is there when we need her in many ways… But I, to this day, wonder how my fiance turned out normal… Lol…

    One time myself and my fiance flew down from our home, in NH, to NC. She picked us up in a tiny old Ford Probe with Discovery Channel, the song… You know the do it like mammals song, BLARING! Lol… Embarassing! She was the least bit sober possible… Not drunk, but other things, and with no seatbelt in the back seat, The hr ride home I clung to my fiances seat in front of me praying every minute!

    The visit there was just as interesting… Trips to IHOP with complaint after complaint, waiting an hr for a $1.99 back on her card opposed to just three pancakes to go….

    Every time I see her I get more good entertaining stories though 🙂


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